NYT: C.I.A. Funds Found Their Way Into Qaeda Coffers! Commenter compares lack of transparency to Citizens United.

Oddly enough, it was a comment after that inspired me to share this horrible tale. The Comment, (which you might want to read after the article):
Steve Fankuchen
Oakland, CA 4 hours ago

This article highlights another way in which many of America’s current problems stem not so much from large sums of money aggregated by individuals and organizations but, rather, by the lack of transparency and accountability for its use.

The C.I.A. dumping millions in unaccountable cash abroad is much like the often untraceable money dumped into our political campaigns, the Agency’s unintended consequences not unlike those unleashed by the money spewed out as a result of the Citizens United decision. Similarly, the lack of accountability at the Agency itself is much like the lack of accountability for the individuals in Wall Street and banks, whose actions lead to the financial meltdown.

The cure lies not so much in curtailing the amassing of fortunes as in establishing public accountability for its public use.

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The United States, largely because of poor oversight and loose financial controls, has sometimes inadvertently financed the very militants it is fighting.

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