Gail Collins in the NYT: Wow, Jeb Bush Is Awful

Gail Colllins, la comedienne extraordinaire, grammarian super-dupaire. Read to the end for a big laugh.

As a presidential hopeful, Jeb’s most attractive feature used to be an aura of competence. But that changed this week.|By Gail Collins

1 thought on “Gail Collins in the NYT: Wow, Jeb Bush Is Awful

  1. Lead comment at NYT: Tim Kane is a trusted commenter Mesa, Az 3 hours ago

    Democrats/Obama: “Don’t do stupid stuff.”

    Republicans/Bushes: “All we do is stupid stuff.”

    It’s hard to believe these people managed to become rich and powerful, to the point that they are systematically destroying global civilization.

    Jeb can take his share of the credit for the disasters that have already occurred.

    As Governor of Florida in 2000 he helped ensure that his brother got Florida’s electoral votes. That put W in the oval office. 9 months later, after purposely ignoring and underreacting to persistent and consisten warnings about the possibility of terrorism, a guy living in a cave in the poorest country on earth succeeded where Stalin, Hitler and Tojo never did: a substantial attack on America.

    During the Bush years significant areas of 3 cities were devastated: Manhattan on 9/11, New Orleans and Detroit (econ implossion).

    W shifted over $12 trillion of societies assets from the 99%-demand-side of the economy to the 1%-supply-side of the economy. He covered his tracks with cheap & EZ money from China. When the credit markets ran out of slack demand imploded taking the finance sector with it, setting off a world wide global depression that the world has yet to fully recover from.

    As a country and a globe we won’t know if we have survived W’s tenure for about another 75 years. Dominoes take a while to stop falling, after all, he invaded Iraq in 2003 and Isis only emerged last year.

    It would be comforting to see the world finally reject the Bushes for good
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