Hillary Clinton Lays Out Climate Change Plan! nytimes.com|Unfortunately By TRIP GABRIEL

Bravo Hillary. This is great news. Don’t forget Tom Friedman’s idea– only allow the Keystone pipeline in exchange for a massive carbon tax. Also, it is time to raise the carbon tax as a vital and essential tool, without mentioning it, you have less of a mandate to do it. Do you really want to give Bernie Sanders the high ground, on what might be the most critical tool needed by the US and the world to mitigate climate change, backed by most economists? Shame on the two writers, Gabriel and Davenport for their ugly tone. To listen to their condescending soft-smears, the soul-less Hillary Clinton is mostly going after a voting block and a few rich donors. If you hate this amazing woman leader, go work for Fox News.

Focusing on an issue that resonates with Democrats, Mrs. Clinton set a goal to produce 33 percent of the nation’s electricity from renewable sources by 2027.
nytimes.com|By TRIP GABRIEL

1 thought on “Hillary Clinton Lays Out Climate Change Plan! nytimes.com|Unfortunately By TRIP GABRIEL

  1. Great to see Hillary Clinton getting assertive on climate change!

    I wonder if her press secretary was authorized to reference the “Steyer criterion” so explicitly since it can sound like pandering. However, the reporters added two other candidates’ names to the implied list of D’s that have met that criterion, including Bernie Sanders with his support for carbon tax. This reader is pleased there is some big money support for Democrats creating platform planks related to global warming/climate damage response.

    Keep us posted on more of this inconvenient news.


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