Frank Bruni belittles Hillary Clinton, David Lindsay builds her up.

David Lindsay has changed the name of his second blog from to Please go to the new blog on World Affairs and American Foreign Policy and resubscribe. All three of you.

For the post below by Frank Bruni, I wrote: Frank Bruni writes well, and he makes some good points. I have been thinking and writing about Hillary, such as the following.

I am fed up with news outlets, such as the Newshour on Public Television saying there is no news regarding Hillary Clinton, because news agencies (such as the Newshour) refuse to talk about anything but her email scandal, even though many reasonable analysts have pointed out isn’t really a scandal, but tempest in teapot. Bruni is more dangerous, because he picks something silly, but not the emails again. He still diminishes the great lady.

Now seems like a good time for Hillary Clinton to show some leadership on Syria, by speaking out on her support or non support of President Obama, or just what she thinks the US should do. At least, it would force the wolves? clowns?professionals? we call the press to change the subject away from the silly email mess, and focus on real problems.
Syria is a worthy problem to discuss with Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State.

I am thinking like Nicholas Kristof that we should organize NATO to create a no fly zone and safe haven in Syria, to stop the exodus of immigration. Now, because of the delivery of 9 or 10 tanks, NATO will probably have to work with Russia. What is Hillary Clinton thinking about Syria and U.S. foreign pollicy?

With Lena Dunham, the candidate gives us a fresh glimpse of her labored spontaneity.|By Frank Bruni

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