The Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio Moment – David Brooks, The New York Times

“For example, Rubio’s tax policy starts where all Republican plans start. He would simplify the tax code, reduce rates and move us toward a consumption-based system by reducing taxes on investment.But he understands that overall growth no longer translates directly to better wages. He adds a big $2,500 child tax credit that is controversial among conservative economists, but that would make life easier for working families.His antipoverty programs are the biggest departure from traditional Republicanism. America already spends a fair bit of money aiding the poor — enough to lift most families out of poverty if we simply wrote them checks. But the money flows through a hodgepodge of programs and creates perverse incentives. People are often better off over all if they rely on government rather than getting an entry-level job. As Oren Cass of the Manhattan Institute has pointed out, there are two million fewer Americans working today than before the recession and two million more receiving disabilities benefits.”

DL: I worry that the $2500 child tax credit might encourage extra children. It is time the world adopts a two child per couple or individual policy.

Source: The Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio Moment – The New York Times

China to End One-Child Policy, Allowing Families Two Children – The New York Times

Inconvenient News Worldwide

“BEIJING — China’s Communist Party brought to an end the decades-old “one child” policy on Thursday, when leaders announced that all married couples would be allowed to have two children in a bid to reverse the rapid aging of the labor force.”

Source: China to End One-Child Policy, Allowing Families Two Children – The New York Times

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The Empire Strikes Back – Maureen Dowd Mugs Hillary Clinton Again in The New York Times

“Hillary Clinton faces the vapid, impotent right-wing conspiracy,” and fails, according to Maureen Dowd.

This feeble op-ed by Maureen Dowd is repulsive and sick.
Here is the comment that inspired me to publish the unworthy piece:

“Mary Scott is a trusted commenter NY October 24, 2015

“Ms. Dowd seems to have never gotten over the Ms. Clinton she couldn’t stand 20 years ago. In her view, there’s no room for the maturity, introspection and empathy that can grow within a person over decades if they work at it and that I see in Hillary today and I’m a Bernie Sanders supporter.

This will never happen, pure fantasy, but if Hillary Clinton ended child poverty, Maureen Dowd would probably find a reason she didn’t deserve any credit for such an accomplishment, some character flaw that only she could discern.

I think it’s time for Ms. Dowd to get over Ms. Clinton. Time to move on to someone like Paul Ryan, our soon-to-be House Speaker whose draconian, Ayn Randian budget proposals, will diminish the middle class and further impoverish the already poor.

His 2012-2013 budget took over $300 million dollars (estimates of reductions range from $300 to $500 million) out of the State Department’s budget, surely limiting their ability to protect our foreign service facilities in some of the most dangerous parts of the world, especially remote outposts which have been grossly underfunded for years.”

Source: The Empire Strikes Back – The New York Times

Why I Identify as Mammal – by Randy Laist, The New York Times

“In a world of conscious beings, identity matters. Self-perception plays a vital role in behavior, so the question of how human beings think about themselves in relation to the world is more than simply one of semantics; ways of seeing lead, directly and indirectly, to ways of acting.Given all that, I choose to identify as mammal.And this is my reason: Our relationship to the natural world, which is changing in such dramatic ways, is in desperate need of revision. Human exceptionalism — expressed in our treatment, use and abuse of other animals, and in the damage we do to the natural environment — has paved the way for enormous harm. It seems clear, then, that identifying exclusively as human has its pitfalls.”

Source: Why I Identify as Mammal – The New York Times

The Law School Debt Crisis – Editorial at The New York Times

Good piece, too many law schools are taking lots of money from students that will never qualify to practice law, leaving them drowning in debt. The editorial ends:
‘If fewer federal dollars were streaming into law schools’ coffers and more were directed to fund legal services organizations, the legal profession — and the American legal system as a whole — would be better for it.’

Source: The Law School Debt Crisis – The New York Times

Why the Police Want Prison Reform Alternatives to arrests and overly severe sentences.|By THE EDITORIAL BOARD

Bravo NY Times for a fine editorial.
All these suggestions are excellent. I would like the country to go farther, and at least decriminalize, if not legalize all addictive substances. Besides getting petty user and dealer out of jail, and keeping them from jail in the first place, it would stop the destabilization of governments around the world because of the power of narco gangsters, whose financial and military power allow them to destroy police forces and governments.
The US would still want a Marshall plan to offer help to legal addicts, programs, jobs, medical help, but all these investments would be far less than the 50 billion or whatever it is we spend on the drug wars every year, that is just money down the drain.The only incarcerable offence I would leave from non-violent drug users and dealers, would be if a legal addict encourabed or helped an non addict to become one. Pushing the addictive substances on any non addict would be punishable.

Alternatives to arrests and overly severe sentences can reduce crime and restore better relations between law enforcement and local communities.|By THE EDITORIAL BOARD

Queen Hillary Came to Play Sanders’s strong performance was subsumed by Clinton’s even stronger one. She held steady and defiant.|By Charles M. Blow

Sanders’s strong performance was subsumed by Clinton’s even stronger one. She held steady and defiant.|By Charles M. Blow
David Lindsay I was disconcerted by the intense negativity towards Hillary and the column above. Thought about republishing my thoughts from yesterday.But then, way down, past the Read More button, I found this gem of a comment.:
Sophia chicago 1 hour ago

Wow. Lots of yeah buts in the comment thread.

Listen guys. I love Bernie. I was writing about Bernie Sanders in comment threads years before most of y’all probably even heard of him.

But. I want the Democrats to win the election.

Enough already with the Hillary bashing.

As Democrats, let’s support the best ideas.

Many of those come from Senator Bernie Sanders.

Running the country, though, isn’t just about ideas. It’s also about foreign policy, it’s about experience and yes it is about getting elected, and that requires more than just Democrats, it also requires independents and being effectively with Congress means you need to be able to communicate with the Right, and also with powerful corporate interests.

Now. Progressive purists complain about Hillary Clinton and her supposed lack of purity.

Enough with that and enough with second-guessing her motives.

Several of you claim “she doesn’t care.”

Based on what evidence, I’d like to know? If Hillary DIDN’T care she could happily retire to a plush existence, where she’d be far removed from the brutal, nonstop attacks from the Right but also from the likes of “progressive” purists, who see nothing totalitarian about their own demands for purity, which are in fact pretty similar to those of the Freedom Caucus when it comes down to it.

The ability to bend bend isn’t a crime in a democratic politician.

It is a necessity.

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Bringing Republicans to the Climate Change Table – The New York Times

“N. Gregory Mankiw of Harvard University, George W. Bush’s former top economic adviser, argues that putting a price on carbon emissions — the preferred prescription of economists across the political spectrum— could fit well within the Republican canon.“People are afraid this is an excuse to raise taxes and expand government generally,” Professor Mankiw said. “We need to convince them this not a tax increase but a tax shift,” using revenue from a carbon tax to reduce, say, the Social Security payroll tax, while keeping the overall tax burden roughly the same.”

Source: Bringing Republicans to the Climate Change Table – The New York Times

Hillary Clinton Turns Up Heat on Bernie Sanders|By MICHAEL BARBARO and David Lindsay on the Debate

What a fabulous debate. I am so proud of these five great individuals. They all had a big, great moment or two. Very good and surprisingly fair article by Michael Barbaro and Amy Chosik. Nice work guys, since there are hundreds of us breakfast bloggers ready to take your heads off. Now that I have finally met Bernie Sanders, I am very impressed. He would make an excellent Vice President for my candidate Hillary Clinton, if he were only from Texas or California or Georgia. Regarding the excellent comments to the article, I do not agree that Hillary and Bernie were the only two viable contenders. I was deeply impressed by Lincoln Chaffee and Marty O’Mally. While over anxious, Jim Web had one stunning answer to what he would do differently in redirecting American Foreign Policy. It had four points, and showed his military intelligence. Unfortunately, he was the only one of the five to not mention Climate Change as a major challenge facing America, which has become a ltimas test of sorts for yours truly. He would be better than any of the Republicans we have met in their embarrassing debate. Both Chaffee and O’Malley want to stop making war in the middle east, and make war on green house gases to prevent climate change. Both should be invited to join the next presidents team of rivals, and both could do the job themselves. Lincoln Chaffee deserves to be proud of the fact that he got his vote to not war with Iraq right.

I will put my favorite comment from the comments below this entry.

The Democratic presidential candidates debated and disagreed on subjects including gun control and health care.|By MICHAEL BARBARO

The Refugees at Our Door We are paying Mexico to keep people from reaching our border, people who are fleeing Central American violence.|By Sonia Nazario

Sonia Nazario: “IN the past 15 months, at the request of President Obama, Mexico has carried out a ferocious crackdown on refugees fleeing violence in Central America. The United States has given Mexico tens of millions of dollars for the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30 to stop these migrants from reaching the United States border to claim asylum.

Essentially the United States has outsourced a refugee problem to Mexico that is similar to the refugee crisis now roiling Europe.

“The U.S. government is sponsoring the hunting of migrants in Mexico to prevent them from reaching the U.S.,” says Christopher Galeano, who spent last summer researching what’s happening in Mexico for human rights groups there. “It is forcing them to go back to El Salvador, Honduras, to their deaths.” ”

This Op-Ed describes a nightmare. One of the keys to bringing sanity to Central America, would be the decriminalization of illegal drugs in the USA, to take away the excessive incomes of the narco-terroists gansters that are terrorizing the region, and destabilizing nations.

We are paying Mexico to keep people from reaching our border, people who are fleeing Central American violence.|By Sonia Nazario