Obama and Netanyahu: A Story of Slights and Crossed Signals – The New York Times

I did not care for this NYT article, and couldn’t finish it. But the comments after it were excellent.

I added my own comment to pool:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a lot of nerve to ask the United States now to increase his $3 billion a year subsidy from the U.S. Looking at his miserable history and behavior, reviewing the excellent comments here, this writer thinks we should start to withdraw our financial support. We should reduce our commitment by some significant number, 33-50%, per year, until the illegal settlement building stops and are evacuated, and Israel pivots from it’s commitment to war mongering, and dedicates itself to seeking peace with the Palestinians.
It is time for the US to wake up. We no longer need all that Arab oil, and at any political price. In fact, the real threat of climate change means we don’t really want all that oil at most any price.The cold, Machiavellian truth is, we no longer need Israel either, and it is time for them to stop spitting in our faces.

from the article itself:

“The tortured relationship between Barack and Bibi, as they call each other, has been a story of crossed signals, misunderstandings, slights perceived and real. Burdened by mistrust, divided by ideology, the leaders of the United States and Israel talked past each other for years until the rupture over Mr. Obama’s push for a nuclear agreement with Iran led to the spectacle of Mr. Netanyahu denouncing the president’s efforts before a joint meeting of Congress.”

Source: Obama and Netanyahu: A Story of Slights and Crossed Signals – The New York Times

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