Cleveland’s Terrible Stain – The New York Times

“Tamir Rice of Cleveland would be alive today had he been a white 12-year-old playing with a toy gun in just about any middle-class neighborhood in the country on the afternoon of Nov. 22, 2014.But Tamir, who was shot to death by a white police officer that day, had the misfortune of being black in a poor area of Cleveland, where the police have historically behaved as an occupying force that shoots first and asks questions later. To grow up black and male in such a place is to live a highly circumscribed life, hemmed in by forces that deny your humanity and conspire to kill you.Those forces hovered over the proceedings on Monday when a grand jury declined to indict Officer Timothy Loehmann in the killing and Timothy McGinty, the Cuyahoga County prosecutor, explained why he had asked the grand jurors to not bring charges. Mr. McGinty described the events leading up to Tamir’s death as tragic series of errors and “miscommunications” that began when a 911 caller said a male who was “probably a juvenile” was waving a “probably fake” gun at people in a park.”

Source: Cleveland’s Terrible Stain – The New York Times

One of the comments I recommended: Bruce Rozenblit is a trusted commenter Kansas City 16 hours ago

“Murder is the act of taking a human life. Under no legal definition of the act does a

….a tragic series of errors and miscommunications…

provide immunity from culpability from the act of murder.

Wearing a badge does not relinquish one from the crime of murder. Neither does poor judgement. The “I was in fear for my life” excuse is often nothing but a cowardly cover up for incompetence or homicide. If the shooter was truly in fear for his life, he wouldn’t have driven right up on top of the boy. He would have used distance to provide a defensive safety factor. No one in his right mind would attempt to gun down an active shooter from a few feet away when he could fire from a much safer distance. The shooter had to have realized that possibility as he approached.

Either the shooter was so incompetent that he did not understand basic principles of police work and put himself in a potentially dangerous situation which caused him to overreact and shoot immediately.

Or, he didn’t care about proper procedure because in his mind he was going after black male killer on the loose and started blasting away because that is the only way you handle those people.

Either case is murder. One is with malice aforethought and one without. This was voluntary manslaughter at a minimum and quite possibly second degree murder.

This black life didn’t matter or an indictment would have been made. No more excuses. A boy died. There is no excuse for that.”

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