Hillary Clinton Stumbles – by Charles Blow, The New York Times

So far, most of the comments after this NYT piece I’ve read support Bernie. I still support Hillary Clinton for a host of reasons, one of which is, Ross Douthat and the Republican party are supporting Bernie Sanders. The Republican super pacs are supporting Bernie with TV ads in Iowa according to the NYT. The Republicans would love to face Bernie, the democratic SOCIALIST, instead of Hillary Clinton, the former First Lady in charge of health care reform, US Senator, and Secretary of State. President Obama’s greatest accomplishments have been in foreign policy, and that is due in part to Hillary Clinton’s extraordinary work and leadership. On women’s issues and gun safety, and health care reform she had been an exemplary and proven leader. Both of these candidates are excellent, and inspiring. Neither will have much success if we do not take back the Senate and the House, and while in power, undo the gerrymandering and unlimited campaign financing that is ruining g our democracy.

“Although Bernie Sanders has electability issues, the Clinton campaign has made mistakes that give him a better chance at the nomination.”

Source: Hillary Clinton Stumbles – The New York Times

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