Vindication for Planned Parenthood – The New York Times

“One after the other, investigations of Planned Parenthood prompted by hidden-camera videos released last summer have found no evidence of wrongdoing. On Monday, a grand jury in Harris County, Tex., went a step further. Though it was convened to investigate Planned Parenthood, it indicted two members of the group that made the videos instead.The Harris County prosecutor, Devon Anderson, a Republican who was asked by the lieutenant governor, a strident opponent of Planned Parenthood, to open the criminal investigation, said on Monday that the grand jurors had cleared Planned Parenthood of any misconduct.Yet despite all the evidence, Texas’ Republican governor, Greg Abbott, said on Monday that the state attorney general’s office and the State Health and Human Services Commission would continue investigating Planned Parenthood. This is a purely political campaign of intimidation and persecution meant to destroy an organization whose mission to serve women’s health care needs the governor abhors.”

Source: Vindication for Planned Parenthood – The New York Times

1 thought on “Vindication for Planned Parenthood – The New York Times

  1. Two of my favorite comments from the comments at NYT:
    Susan Anderson is a trusted commenter Boston 17 hours ago

    I see Republicans are still carrying on about the manufactured evidence and ignoring the very real services Planned Parenthood provides to women (and men) who need health services, which are only 3% related to abortion, and not giving up their preferred narrative about “selling baby parts” even after it’s been proven that was created for advertisement and based on lies.

    Once again, they don’t want to help people who can’t afford Cadillac care get help. The dishonesty is staggering.

    If you get this far, please donate to Planned Parenthood. They need our help caring for women and children (and even men).

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    NYT Pick
    Dairy Farmers Daughter WA State 10 hours ago

    I thought this outcome was incredible poetic justice. I can imagine the apoplectic response Governor Abbot must have had. Politicians needs to stop wasting the taxpayers money on these investigations. Planned Parenthood has been exonerated in every investigation. The politicians pursing Planned Parenthood should be redirecting the money spent on investigations to supporting health services for poor women and children. It never ceases to amaze me that the conservative “family values” politicians are willing to pursue these frivolous investigations, spending thousands of dollars, and then do not support health services for people in need. The best way to reduce the abortion, is to fully fund education and contraceptive services for women who cannot otherwise afford them.

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