2 Questions for Bernie Sanders – by Nicholas Kristof, The New York Times

“I admire Sanders’s passion, his relentless focus on inequality and his consistency. When he was sworn in as mayor of Burlington, he declared: “The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer and the millions of families in the middle are gradually sliding out of the middle class and into poverty.” That has remained his mantra across 35 years. And yet, I still have two fundamental questions for Sanders:Can you translate your bold vision into reality?”

Source: 2 Questions for Bernie Sanders – The New York Times

In spite of what others say, the biggest threat to our nation and civilization is overpopulation and its associated global warming, and the wars and immigration flows these storm clouds will increase and make more severe.
I think Bernie Sanders and his ideas are terrific, now that I have learned of him. I still ardently support Hillary Clinton, for her extraordinary record of leadership, recently outlined in 15 points in the New York Times endorsement, and because we can not afford to lose the White House in the next election. Another eight years of ignoring climate change could reduce our chances significantly of ever dealing with green house gases before its too late. It was Ross Douthat who wrote in the NY Times that the Republicans are praying for a Sanders candidate. The polls of his running against any of the nine dwarves are meaningless, because he has never had to withstand the blistering broadsides and dirty tricks of the Republican political super pacs and attack organizations.
The Times reported that Republican super pacs quietly ran ads in Iowa supporting Bernie Sanders. They think that any of the climate change denying, anti-science dwarves can beat a Socialist in the big election.
Both Clinton and Sanders are such excellent people and leaders, that it my wish that both announce that they will include the other in their cabinets. We will benefit from a Team of Rivals, that are data driven, and concerned about all Americans, and non human species extinction.

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