America’s Stacked Deck Voters are right to be angry and demand change, but scapegoating isn’t the answer.|By Nicholas Kristof

Saint Nick: “It seems to me to make more sense to target solutions than scapegoats, but sense is often in short supply in politics. After a characteristically brilliant speech by Adlai Stevenson, the Democratic nominee for president in 1952 and 1956, a supporter is said to have bellowed, “Every thinking American will vote for you!”

Legend has it that Stevenson shouted back: “That’s not enough. I need a majority!”

In the solutions domain, a starting point should be to reduce the influence of money in politics.

The pharmaceutical industry, for example, has used its lobbying heft — it spent $272,000 in campaign donations per member of Congress last year, and it has more lobbyists than there are members of Congress — to bar the government from bargaining for drug prices in Medicare. That amounts to a $50 billion annual gift to pharmaceutical companies.”

Voters are right to be angry and demand change, but scapegoating isn’t the answer.|By Nicholas Kristof

2 thoughts on “America’s Stacked Deck Voters are right to be angry and demand change, but scapegoating isn’t the answer.|By Nicholas Kristof

  1. I have been touting Hillary Clinton’s extraordinary accomplishments, and suggesting that Bernie is a gift to the seven Republican anti science dwarves. Ross Douthat wrote that Republican super pacs were supporting Sanders. Is it true? On Jan 28, NICHOLAS CONFESSORE in the NYTimes reported:”Mr. Sander’s unlikely rise to super PAC pre-eminence is, in part, the story of an unusual alignment of strategies by different outside groups, including Republican ones eager to bloody Mrs. Clinton and lift Mr. Sanders, whom conservatives believe will be easier to defeat in a general election. While the nurses’ super PAC is the biggest left-leaning outside spender in the Democratic primary, conservative organizations have also spent at least $4.3 million attacking Mrs. Clinton in recent months. One recent online ad from the Republican super PAC American Crossroads has assailed Mrs. Clinton for her Wall Street speaking fees — echoing an argument Mr. Sanders often makes against her. Another conservative group, Ending Spending, bankrolled by the Wyoming billionaire Joe Ricketts, has begun a $600,000 campaign in Iowa highlighting Mr. Sanders’s promises to raise taxes on the rich and provide free public college tuition, calling him “too liberal for Iowa.” But the ad’s language and imagery, including a contented-looking superrich couple hugging in front of a mansion and expensive cars, has led some Democrats to believe it is actually meant to bolster Mr. Sanders.”


  2. Here is a comment I do not endorse, but it has some magnificent quotes of the Bible and Plato:
    Fred White Baltimore 1 minute ago

    Bernie is truly putting the hitherto incredibly clueless American masses to the test this year. He’s agreeing with them that they are being screwed by the rich. And he’s offering specific, practical ways to radically improve the economic lives of the lower orders who whine all the time about their situation, as well as to significantly “level the [now rigged] playing field.” For dessert, he is unimpeachably honest and decent, just the kind of guy Americans always claim to want in power. If lower-class Americans are as gullible as usual, and reject Sanders, they will truly deserve what they have chosen, for themselves and their kids. Into the bargain, they will have once again validated the New Testament’s dark insight that “light came into the world, but the world loved darkness,” not to mention Plato’s complete contempt for ordinary human beings’ strong preference for delusion over the “light” of truth. I’m strongly feeling the Bern myself, but I feel fairly confident that ordinary Americans will once again vote to make themselves and their kids poorer and the fat cats richer. This goes double for black voters, who seem doomed to fall for Clinton’s Goldman Sachs-John Lewis con and thus reject the lifeline Sanders is so plainly offering them. Soon, Thomas Frank will have to write a book called What’s Wrong with Blacks?


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