Showdown on Abortion at the Supreme Court – The New York Times

“The decades-long crusade to end legal abortion in America after Roe v. Wade has again reached the Supreme Court.On Wednesday, the eight justices will hear a case challenging a 2013 Texas law that has already shut down more than half of the state’s 41 health clinics that perform abortions.Since Roe was decided in 1973, there have been countless efforts by anti-abortion activists to enact state laws that restrict abortion rights, often in the guise of protecting women’s health. But few laws have gone as far as the Texas statute, which places so heavy a burden on hundreds of thousands of women across the state — particularly those in poorer rural areas — that it has effectively destroyed their constitutional right to an abortion.”

Source: Showdown on Abortion at the Supreme Court – The New York Times

From the comments at the Christine McMorrow is a trusted commenter Waltham, MA 20 hours ago

“The attempt to roll back Roe vs Wade is nothing less than a fight to give religion a role in shaping secular law. You hate abortions? Fine most of us do, so go ahead, don’t have one.

But don’t let your religious views spill over into secular law that protects a woman’s right to choose–any woman, of any political or religious persuasion, even those who have no political or religious affiliation at all.

Your religion doesn’t get to dictate how I, or any woman, gets to live. My religion can tell me what is or is not a sin if i choose to practice my faith, but I don’t have that right to impose it on others.”
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