The Beast Is Us – by Tim Egan, The New York Times

.“You heard the word “scary” used a lot this week, that and much more. Not from the usual scolds. Or Democrats. The loudest alarms came from desperate, panicked Republicans, warning of the man who is destroying the Party of Lincoln before our eyes.From Our Advertisers“The man is evil,” said Stuart Stevens, a chief strategist for Mitt Romney in 2012. Romney himself called Donald Trump a fraud on Thursday.But as much as these “too little, too late” wake-up calls are appreciated, it’s time to place the blame for the elevation of a tyrant as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee where it belongs — with the people. Yes, you. Donald Trump’s supporters know exactly what he stands for: hatred of immigrants, racial superiority, a sneering disregard of the basic civility that binds a society. Educated and poorly educated alike, men and women — they know what they’re getting from him.”

Source: The Beast Is Us – The New York Times

Here is an interesting comment, to a good Guardian article.
Maro Massachusetts 4 hours ago

“I share your dislike for Mr. Trump. I find your contempt for his supporters to be facile and demeaning.

The American working and middle classes have been gutted over the last 30 years by trade policies that send jobs overseas, by tax policies that redistribute the bulk of the newly created wealth to the richest at the top of the pyramid, and by politicians of both parties who brazenly and unashamedly kiss the rings of their corporate sponsors.

Add to this toxic mix the incendiary fuel of immigrant Rupert Murdoch’s Faux News channel (with its signature mix of half truths, virulent ideology and shameless racism) and it is easier to understand why the folks whose lives are palpably worse blame minorities and immigrants rather than the corporate puppeteers who control our government. This off-shifting of blame is a fantastic con, but God knows it’s worked mighty well.

Mr. Egan, you could do a lot worse than spending some time in the trenches with these Trump supporters you claim to detest. You might even start with this article about closet Trump supporters in the Guardian:…

It is time for those us at the top of pyramid– on both the right AND the left– to recognize that we have benefited disproportionately and unjustly at the expense of the many. Until we are ready to come together and do that, Trump’s supporters will rage on.

As well they should.”
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