Mr. Netanyahu’s Lost Opportunities – The New York Times

“The dispute over a White House meeting is the latest evidence of the fraught relationship between President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. It prompted finger-pointing on both sides, but the basic facts are these: Mr. Netanyahu asked to meet with Mr. Obama during a visit to Washington for a conference later this week, the White House agreed and then Mr. Netanyahu canceled.From Our AdvertisersThat Mr. Netanyahu’s government announced this decision in the media rather than to the White House is not a surprise, considering the disrespect the prime minister has shown Mr. Obama in the past. It’s hard to understand how that serves Israel’s interests.It’s unfortunate that this strange squabble is overshadowing two pressing issues. One involves the new 10-year defense agreement the two governments are negotiating, an anchor of their alliance. The existing agreement, which expires in 2018, provides $3.1 billion a year to Israel, making it the top recipient of American aid. The even larger issue involves the slow but inexorable death of the two-state solution for peace with the Palestinians.”

Source: Mr. Netanyahu’s Lost Opportunities – The New York Times

David Lindsay  Commented at the NYT after the above editorial.

Hamden, CT 20 hours ago 

It is way past time to show tough love to Israel, and cut the allowance to zero. We have our own failed states, like Michigan, that could use some federal support and adult supervision. The oppressed have become the oppressors in Israel. It is wrong for the United States to be associated with the Netanyahu government’s seizing of Palestinian lands, filling them with right-wing and racist settlers. It is past time for the US to cut its 3 Billion dollar a year subsidy for the bully that Israel has become.


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