Trump’s New World Disorder, by Roger Cohen – The New York Times

“Goodbye to all that. Now we know that Donald Trump would rip up the post-1945 world order, trash an “obsolete” NATO, lean toward a Japan with nukes rather than the “one-sided agreement” that leaves the United States responsible for Japanese defense, tell Saudi Arabia that it “wouldn’t be around for very long” without American protection, and generally make clear that “we cannot be the policeman of the world.”

So much for Pax Americana; it was a bad deal, you see, and in the Trump universe the deal is everything. American power and far-flung American garrisons may have underwritten global security and averted nuclear war for more than seven decades, but they cannot be sustained by the “poor country” the United States has become. Why? Because, he insists, the whole postwar setup is a scam.

That Trump could be the next president of the United States is no longer a fanciful notion. Americans don’t want business as usual; Trump is not business as usual. He’s ranting and schmoozing his way to the White House as the man who, through some alchemy, will make an anxious America proud again. The world — already more combustible than at any time in recent decades — may be about to become a much more dangerous place.”

Source: Trump’s New World Disorder – The New York Times


This is a good piece by Roger Cohen, followed by some amazing comments. Cohen is absolutely right about the importance of NATO. Trump is a disaster, but part of his underlying critique is sound. The US has more re-balancing, more retreating to do, so that our allies can help pay for the world order we have been funding. I would add to the excellent discussion the point of Andrew Grove of Intel, we need a more job centric ecomomic policy and trade policy. He has a great argument for a new Scaling Bank, from his article in Bussinessweek in 2010 referenced in his piece in the NYTimes last week. Once we come up with a new widget, we need to apply tools and investment to manufacture the item here. We need manufacturing to remain competitive on so many levels. If we do not rebuild the middle class, why bother with the expensive foreign policy that is just for the 1%.

I have recently posted both of these referenced Andy Gove pieces at blog 1,

1 thought on “Trump’s New World Disorder, by Roger Cohen – The New York Times

  1. Here is one of my favorites from the NYT comments:
    JPE Maine 11 hours ago

    Yes, “American should stop policing the world.” It’s time for others so widely admired by the liberal press…Denmark, Sweden, etc…to pick up their share of the defense umbrella. It’s time for a truly cooperative multinational effort to ensure stability and progress. It’s time for the defense spending of our allies to step up, and for our own such spending gradually to decline relative to others. That’s not isolationism, it’s true internationalism. Currently the US spends as much on defense as the next 7 highest spending nations combined; how about we improve that ratio so that we spend as much as the next two or three? What could we do with the funds thus available? How about better highways, mass transit, healthcare?

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