A Better, Not Fatter, Defense Budget – The New York Times

“To hear some military commanders and members of Congress talk, the American military is worn out and in desperate need of more money. After more than a decade in Iraq and Afghanistan, they say, troops are lagging in training and new weaponry, which is jeopardizing their ability to defeat the Islamic State and deal with potential conflicts with Russia and China.While increased funding for some programs may be needed, total military spending, at nearly $600 billion annually, is not too low. The trouble is, the investment has often yielded poor results, with the Pentagon, Congress and the White House all making bad judgments, playing budget games and falling under the sway of defense industry lobbyists. Current military spending is 50 percent higher in real terms than it was before 9/11, yet the number of active duty and reserve troops is 6 percent smaller.”

Source: A Better, Not Fatter, Defense Budget – The New York Times

Many of the comments at the NYT are priceless. Such as:

Thomas Zaslavsky

is a trusted commenter Binghamton, N.Y. 4 hours ago

“Pouring money down the military black hole is one of the causes and symptoms of a great power’s decline. It has happened over and over in history. The military drains resources while the economy falls behind the competition.”

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