The G.O.P. Waits, and Waits, for Donald Trump to Grow Up, By NICOLLE WALLACE – The New York Times


The Republican Party is holding its breath for something that will never happen.

Source: The G.O.P. Waits, and Waits, for Donald Trump to Grow Up – The New York Times

Here is one of the more amazing comments from nyt comments:

fastfurious the new world 1 day ago

“I don’t want to hear about this from Nicolle Wallace.

Her job in the McCain campaign was be the groomer & hand-holder for Sarah Palin – get her up to speed as a credible vice-presidential candidate. If the book “Game Change” can be believed – she was irritated by the challenge but she did her best to pull it off.

What she did not do – go to John McCain & tell him “Palin isn’t qualified to be vice-president, not even close! & you need to find a reason to replace her – this is a tragedy waiting to happen if you’re elected.” She didn’t do it. I would have added to him “If you won’t replace her, I’m going to resign & start talking to the media about my experience with her & how hopelessly unqualified – & emotionally unstable – I think she is. She cannot be second in line to the presidency. It might destroy this country.”

When her country needed her to be a grownup & put her concerns for the country first instead of partisan politics – or her own career! – Nicolle Wallace completely failed us. She worked to hide Palin was a mess.

I don’t care what she thinks about Trump. Palin was every bit as bad & Wallace could have warned us about her long before the election. We needed the truth.

I don’t care what Wallace says now about anything. It’s too late.

She’s a hack. People are hard on McCain for picking Palin. Those who watch Wallace on ‘Morning Joe’ should hold her accountable for completely failing her country when we needed her to tell us
the truth.

Shame on her.”

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