The Coming Political Realignment, by David Brooks – chastised by David Lindsay

“Donald Trump has done something politically smart and substantively revolutionary. He is a Republican presidential candidate running against free trade and, effectively, free markets.By putting trade at the top of the conversation he elevates the issue on which Hillary Clinton is the most squirrelly, where her position reinforces the message that she will say anything to get power.

But mostly it’s politically smart because Donald Trump’s only shot of winning the presidency is to smash and replace the entire structure of the American political debate. For the past 80 years that debate has been about the size of government — Republicans for less government and more market and Democrats for more government and less market.If that debate structures this election, Trump will get somewhere between 38 and 44 percent of the votes — where he’s been polling all year.”

Source: The Coming Political Realignment – The New York Times

Mr. Brooks, today you embarrass me. I believe it is Donald Trump who will say just about anything to get elected. Your suggesting that it is Hillary with this problem, means you are just a shill for the Fox News and AM hate radio closed circuit false narratives against the Clintons, Obama, progressives and environmentalists.
Your point about moving to a politics of open versus closed is good, but it will be so much more complicated. There will also be realignments on pro versus negative population growth. There will be a realignment on full employment, versus massive under employment.

I think we need to change technological development so that it must not remove jobs without making new ones, or we will need a long-term, government, jobs program to keep our population able to house and feed itself.

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