Did Putin Try to Steal an American Election? by Nick Kristof- The New York Times

“Some foreign leaders settle for stealing billions of dollars. Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, may have wanted to steal something even more valuable: an American presidential election.As our election takes a turn that could be drawn from a Cold War spy novel (except it would be too implausible), Putin has an obvious favorite in the race: Donald Trump. “It’s crystal clear to me” that Putin favors Trump, says Michael McFaul, a Stanford professor who was ambassador to Russia until 2014. “If I were Putin, I would rather deal with Trump, too, given the things he has said about foreign policy.”

Look, Democratic Party leaders exchanged inappropriate emails showing bias for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, and a hacker’s disclosure has properly triggered a ruckus. But that scandal pales beside an effort apparently by a foreign dictatorship to disrupt an American presidential election.”

Source: Did Putin Try to Steal an American Election? – The New York Times

Top comments at the NYT:

Beth Reese nyc 4 hours ago

Vladimir Putin sees a chance to have the perfect President: a malignant narcissistic fascist who thinks that he and Putin “can do business.” Add to this Hair Duce’s financial ties to various Russian oligarchs and his apparent dismissal of the importance of NATO and you have the perfect puppet. Massage Trump’s fragile ego and he’s your best buddy. Putin must be salivating a the prospect of a Trump Presidency. Of course he’s doing whatever he can to influence our election. Putin is no fool-but Donald Trump is a fool for the ages.

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Rlanni Princeton NJ 6 hours ago

Asking a foreign power to steal an ex secretary of state’s work emails which might contain US state secrets is by definition TREASON. Trump should be arrested and sent to jail.

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