We’re Winning! by Tim Egan – The New York Times

“Looking for refuge from the gust of insanity blowing across the fruited plain, I went to the highest perch I could reach in North Cascades National Park. I needed a break from the politician who has roused the lowest impulses of the American character.

What better escape from the primordial muck of Donald Trump and company than an alpine aerie of America’s Best Idea? Still, the stench of his recent provocations followed me to the far northwest corner of the contiguous United States. Hints of assassination from those “Second Amendment people.” Claiming that President Obama founded the Islamic State. Sidling up to dictators who kill political opponents.

I could hear the bark of his soulless pessimism. “We are a country that doesn’t win anymore,” he said, time and again. “When was the last time we won?”Back at sea level, what joy it was to behold this: so much winning! O.K., the made-up robbery story by the male swimmers at the Olympics is a blemish. But look at the bigger picture: American women are dominating the games. Simone Biles, that sprite of exuberance, has four gold medals in gymnastics. The women’s basketball team is crushing it. And a Muslim fencer, the first United States athlete to compete while wearing a hijab, led the team to a medal.”

Source: We’re Winning! – The New York Times

I love this writer, Tim Egan, and it is a bonus that he looks a little like my father at the same age.

I predicted after the Republican debates, and over a month before the Republican Convention, that Hillary Clinton would beat Trump in an electoral landslide. Why? One reason is that Michael Dukakis had about the same popular vote, 45%, that Trump had at his height, and Dukakis won only 3 electoral votes against Ronald Regan.

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