An Ugly Campaign, Condensed Into One Debate – The New York Times


Kathleen and I  watched the debate, and Hillary impressed us greatly, as expected. Donald turned our stomach, as expected.

I decided after reading the editorial below, not to post it. I had posted the NYT editorials endorsing Hillary, and condemning Donald, yesterday on blog 1, Inconvenient News.  Then I read this comment, which I had to post:

Yuri Asian

Bay Area 4 hours ago

“This was just surreal.

If self-medicating works the proof it can be found in Trump’s deflated fans who proclaim his victory.

My mom — almost 100 now — is Chinese from a generation taught to defer to men and view unfavorably women who achieve prominence. In her mind and from her culture there’s a natural order and women aren’t part of it. That’s despite her degree from St. John’s University in Shanghai, regarded as the “Harvard of China.” Despite being a single immigrant woman, raising two sons while employed as a translator and journalist at Chinese publications where she was the only woman.

By virtue of his gender alone Trump would win my mom’s support. I watched tonight with her. She smiled when Trump talked and knitted her brow when Hillary spoke. Five minutes in, when Trump grew obnoxious, my mother began to look irritated and soon contemptuous. “What kind of man is he? He is insults his parents with his behavior. He humiliates them with such low class manners.”

Hillary? Maybe it was her lucky (for Chinese) red pantsuit but “This is an educated woman from a good family. You can see that in the proper way she speaks and her bravery to speak forcefully to that man. I feel sorry for that man’s wife but she must be a stupid girl to have married him.”

Trump had my mom by default. In 90 minutes he broke 100 years of deeply ingrained male bias. At her age she uses an absentee ballot. After the “debate” she went looking for it. She had seen and heard enough.”



“Debate” is an iffy word for an exercise in which candidates are prompted by moderators to dole out their stump speeches bit by bit under hot lights while a clock counts the seconds and every quip and jab and stumble is used to keep score and proclaim a “winner.”But when just one candidate is serious and the other is a vacuous bully, the term loses all meaning.Monday night’s confrontation between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was a spectacle, for sure: the sheer reality-TV hugeness of it, the Super Bowl audience of tens of millions. “Debate of the Century,” said The Drudge Report. “America on the Brink,” said The Huffington Post. For once, the hype may have been about right, given the tightness of the polls and the nearness of the election.There was a fundamental asymmetry to the exercise, because of the awful truth that one of the participants had nothing truthful to offer. But seeing them on the same stage distilled exactly who they have been throughout this campaign.”

Source: An Ugly Campaign, Condensed Into One Debate – The New York Times

Here is a comment I particularly liked:


is a trusted commenter New York 8 hours ago

“Clinton: polished, knowledgeable, calm, unflappable. She was funny at times, never nasty, and without ever breaking a sweat hoisted Donald Trump on his petard using this horrible record.

Trump: rattled, interrupting (51 times he interrupted Clinton), screaming, rambling, stringing together words as if that would endow them with sense. He even nuttily suggested China invade North Korea!

His presence on stage raises the serious question, what were Republican voters thinking? Out of all those primary candidates, some with real experience and smarts (John Kasich, for example), THIS is who you nominate? This person who seemed to have escaped from a child care facility?

And remind me again, what was Lester Holt’s role? Oh, that’s right. MODERATOR. He seemed barely capable of getting a word in edgewise over Trump.

Like her or not, Hillary Clinton shows that she’s ready to be president. Donald Trump looked like he was ready to find the quickest exit out of that room and this race.”

I added a reply:

Sleater, I love your comment, thank you.
I must be getting hawkish in my old age, but I thought asking China to invade North Korea was Trump’s only good idea. I read once, that China controls North Korea’s fresh water supplies. While this might not be true, China has a lot of power over the small country that hangs from it like a small branch. If China just joined in with severe sanctions, they could probably close down North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. Sun Tsu once wrote, thousands of years ago, in China, the easiest way to fight an army, is not to fight them, but to take out their leadership, and watch them disintegrate.

3 thoughts on “An Ugly Campaign, Condensed Into One Debate – The New York Times

    • Thank you. I found something quickly.
      “Women are now starting to recast ‘sheng’ as
      pioneers in modern day China. In fact,
      ‘sheng’ can mean success if the
      pronunciation remains the same but the
      character is changed.
      ‘Left-over’ women live independently in big
      cities and are able to enjoy the success and
      trappings of modern life with very little
      restriction. They’re financially independent
      and able to spend their money on what they
      enjoy. Though these successful women are
      acutely aware of the pressure society puts
      on them to get married. They are highly
      educated and financially independent there
      is no immediate need to find a husband to
      support them.
      In the comic series created by Leo Lee based on a l
      eft over woman,
      women are beginning to take ownership of the title
      and turn it
      around. Similarly, in a cheeky response to the mock
      ing title, women
      have launched “sheng nu” social clubs across the cou
      ntry. Some have
      upwards of 1,000 members. ”


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