Hillary’s Male Tormentors – by Frank Bruni – The New York Times

“Weiner or no Weiner, Hillary Clinton is likely to be our next president.But she can’t seem to escape insatiable men.She married one — for better, for “bimbo eruptions,” for two terms in the White House, for impeachment.

She’s in the climactic week of a grotesque battle with another. If she prevails, his boasts of sexual aggression will partly be why.

And if she fails? Again there’s a priapic protagonist. The F.B.I. wouldn’t be examining Anthony Weiner’s laptop if he hadn’t invited so many strangers to examine his lap, and her fate is enmeshed once more with the wanton misdeeds of the weaker sex.Over so many of her travails hangs a cloud of testosterone.No woman before her earned a major party’s presidential nomination, drawing this close to the Oval Office. Should she reach that milestone and make that history, she’d probably also work with a Congress in which there are more female lawmakers than ever before.

But her journey doesn’t only reflect the advances of women. It has also been shaped by the appetites and anxieties of men. (Maybe the two dynamics go hand in hand.) And it has exposed gross male behavior while prompting fresh examples of it. Prominent men on the edge of obsolescence have never acted so wounded, so angry, so desperate. Yes, Newt Gingrich, I’m looking at you, though you’ll have to wait your turn while I assess your master.Donald Trump’s candidacy is an unalloyed expression of male id: Yield to me, worship me, never question the expanse of my reach, do not impugn the majesty of my endowment. It’s less a political mission than a hormonal one, and it harks back to an era when women were arm candy and a man reveled in his sweet tooth.

His archaic masculinity is her opportunity: a stroke of good fortune in a presidential bid with plenty of bad luck, too. When he seethed that she was a “nasty woman,” he might as well have been offering to carry her luggage into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

Source: Hillary’s Male Tormentors – The New York Times

Bravo Frank Bruni. Well done. So is Trump. Here are some articulate comments”

Ellen is a trusted commenter Williamsburg 3 hours ago

“Spot on!

And yes, the dismissive and insulting remark that Kirk made to Duckworth was colored by both racism and sexism.”

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Anne-Marie Hislop is a trusted commenter Chicago 3 hours ago

“Women are supposed to be “strong,” but the cultural and historical understanding of that was the strong mother, like a mother bear protecting her cub and the strong wife standing behind her man – supporting him, keeping his home while he worked long hours, stretching the food money when he didn’t earn so much, caring for his children, and defending his goodness no matter what he did. Women were allowed to be smart, educated, and even outspoken as long as they stayed within their defined role.

What many in society, especially traditionalists, have a hard time with is women who take their intelligence, education, and opinions away from the hearth and home into the public square. The reaction to such woman was to assume that there was something abnormal about them; that they were trying to be like men; and that they were depriving men of their natural place as leaders in the public square.

Hillary was an early mover in this area. The reaction has been free floating hatred and a need to demonize her; to paint her as an abnormal woman. Even other women, the many who had settled into traditional roles, would demonize Hillary and those like her. In her life choices, they felt, rightly or not, an implied criticism of their choice – and the hint that their traditional world might become obsolete. My own mother, who died 25 years ago, wrote to me years ago, “The equal rights amendment failed. Thank God!” Her role was traditional; women like HRC were trying to destroy it.”

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