Why Corruption Matters – by Paul Krugman – The New York Times

“Remember all the news reports suggesting, without evidence, that the Clinton Foundation’s fund-raising created conflicts of interest? Well, now the man who benefited from all that innuendo is on his way to the White House. And he’s already giving us an object lesson in what real conflicts of interest look like, as authoritarian governments around the world shower favors on his business empire.

Of course, Donald Trump could be rejecting these favors and separating himself and his family from his hotels and so on. But he isn’t. In fact, he’s openly using his position to drum up business. And his early appointments suggest that he won’t be the only player using political power to build personal wealth. Self-dealing will be the norm throughout this administration. America has just entered an era of unprecedented corruption at the top.”

Source: Why Corruption Matters – The New York Times

Here is one of my favorite comments: Alexander Bain Los Angeles 10 hours ago

“The biggest pots of money available for Trump to raid are Medicare and Social Security. Expect terrible initiatives in both areas, driven by Trump and associates who will make tons of money off vouchers, privatization, etc. This is how Putin got rich, and Trump is clearly an admirer of Putin’s methods.”

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I wonder if Steve Bannon will stop Trump from doing terrible things like sell the Baltics, and public assets, to increase his already fat wallet.

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