One Problem for Democratic Leaders Is Democratic Voters – by Tom Edsall – The New York Times

“Leaders on the Democratic left who want to represent the have-nots face an obstacle: their own voters.

Keith Ellison, a congressman from Minnesota and a candidate for the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee, argues that Democrats “have to stand for a strong, populist economic message.” ”

Great piece Tom Edsall, thank you.
I do not dispute your reports, they are eye opening.
Yes, and, let’s not forget that the Republicans spent 8 years not allowing Obama to take care of these people with more stimulus, jobs programs and development plans.
Let me tell you about new business, condos for sale in Canada…….

5 Reasons to Like the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Gray Is Green  Published on Face Book  by Kathleen Schomaker · December 13

“Okay, so you already like the EPA.Yet are you at a loss to tell other people why you like the EPA?I find this piece helpful in articulating my story about what is good about our federal EPA, so I can be clear with folks who are less proud of it than I am.And I appreciate a little help with my story-telling! How about you?   Enjoy!”

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5 Reasons to Like the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

It keeps a lot of dangerous stuff from being dumped in our air, water, and land.

David Lindsay:

Magnificent review of the benefits of the EPA. 1–2.Cleaner air and water. 3-4. Cleaner land: regulation of pesticides and hazardous wastes. 5. Climate protection: just dumping pollution of any kind isn’t safe anymore. Thank you Richard Nixon and the GOP for the EPA!

Source: (92) Gray Is Green

How do Fuel Cells Work? – Fuel Cell Energy

“How do Fuel Cells Work?Fuel cells produce energy electrochemically — without combusting the fuelDFC-schematic_smFuel cells cleanly and efficiently convert chemical energy from hydrogen-rich fuels into electrical power and usable high quality heat in an electrochemical process that is virtually absent of pollutants.

Similar to a battery, a fuel cell is comprised of many individual cells that are grouped together to form a fuel cell stack. Each individual cell contains an anode, a cathode and an electrolyte layer. When a hydrogen-rich fuel such as clean natural gas or renewable biogas enters the fuel cell stack, it reacts electrochemically with oxygen (i.e. ambient air) to produce electric current, heat and water. While a typical battery has a fixed supply of energy, fuel cells continuously generate electricity as long as fuel is supplied.”

Source: How do Fuel Cells Work? – Fuel Cell Energy

Medicaid Funding to End for Planned Parenthood in Texas, State Says – The New York Times

“In a critical step in a longstanding fight, Texas formally said on Tuesday that it was ending Medicaid funding of Planned Parenthood, a move the group said could affect 11,000 patients.

The office of inspector general for the Texas Health and Human Services Commission issued a final notice terminating Planned Parenthood’s enrollment in the state-funded health care system for the poor. If it is not stopped, the termination will be effective in 30 days.

Planned Parenthood officials said on Tuesday night that they would continue to provide birth control, cancer screenings, H.I.V. tests and other care to Medicaid patients and seek an injunction in federal court to stop the state. The group sued the state in 2015 after a preliminary notice was filed, but the court case has lingered pending further action by the state.”

Obama Bans Drilling in Parts of the Atlantic and the Arctic – The New York Times

“President Obama announced on Tuesday what he called a permanent ban on offshore oil and gas drilling along wide areas of the Arctic and the Atlantic Seaboard as he tried to nail down an environmental legacy that cannot quickly be reversed by Donald J. Trump.

Mr. Obama invoked an obscure provision of a 1953 law, the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, which he said gives him the authority to act unilaterally. While some presidents have used that law to temporarily protect smaller portions of federal waters, Mr. Obama’s declaration of a permanent drilling ban on portions of the ocean floor from Virginia to Maine and along much of Alaska’s coast is breaking new ground. The declaration’s fate will almost certainly be decided by the federal courts.”


Here is one of many supporting comments: Edna Boston 10 hours ago

“Please, please, please, President Obama, sit Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court during the interval between congresses. His nomination should have proceeded normally, and that it didn’t is a travesty.
Garland probably won’t remain on the court for long, but it’s the principle of the thing that counts.”

As Trump Signals Climate Action Pullback, Local Leaders Push Forward – The New York Times

“The incoming Trump administration appears determined to reverse much of what President Obama has tried to achieve on climate and environment policy.

In position papers, agency questionnaires and the résumés of incoming senior officials, the direction is clear — an about-face from eight years of policies designed to reduce climate-altering emissions and address the effects of a warming planet. The Republican-led Congress appears to welcome many of these changes.

But mayors and governors — many of them in states that supported President-elect Donald J. Trump — say they are equally determined to continue the policies and plans they have already adopted to address climate change and related environmental damage, regardless of what they see from Washington.’

Polar Bears’ Path to Decline Runs Through Alaskan Village – The New York Times

“A Habitat EndangeredThreatened species like lions or wolves face predictable threats: poaching and hunting, or the encroachment of human settlements on their habitat.

But the biggest threat to the polar bear is something no regulatory authority involved in wildlife conservation can address: the unregulated release of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Sport hunting once posed a significant danger to polar bears, greatly shrinking their numbers in some areas until 1973, when an agreement among the Arctic countries restricted hunting to members of indigenous groups, and the populations began to rebound.Oil spills, pollution and over-hunting still pose some risk. But these dangers pale compared with the loss of sea ice.”

Trump’s Climate Contrarian: Myron Ebell Takes On the E.P.A. – The New York Times

The mug-shot posters, pasted on walls and lampposts around Paris by an activist group during the United Nations climate talks last year, were hardly flattering. They depicted Myron Ebell, a climate contrarian, as one of seven “climate criminals” wanted for “destroying our future.”