Carrier Jobs – Saved by Government – The New York Times

‘The holidays came early this year for workers at a Carrier furnace plant in Indiana, who learned on Tuesday that 800 of their jobs would not be moving to Mexico after all. Their good fortune is also an early triumph for the incoming Trump administration. President-elect Donald Trump had promised during the campaign to stop the offshoring of American manufacturing jobs, and true to that pledge, he and Vice President-elect Mike Pence, who is governor of Indiana, cut a deal with Carrier, a division of United Technologies, to keep the jobs in the state.’

Source: Carrier Jobs, Saved by Government – The New York Times

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New York City 12 hours ago

“I keep thinking of all the Detroit auto jobs President Obama saved and how the U.S. eventually made a profit off of the deals, and how much opposition he faced with Republicans who were against it. I think of all the other jobs Obama saved while being vilified for government “interference”. I think of all the lives he saved with his flawed but still crucial expansion of health care, which included Medicaid (limited only by cruel Republican governors who were certain that denying poor sick people any coverage was far better). I think of his efforts to raise the wages of millions by authorizing overtime pay that would only bring it back to the level it was decades ago in terms of inflation, but which has now been said by a judge to be illegal in our twisted world. I think of how much money Obama and the Fed gave Wall Street, reluctantly because of moral hazard, to ensure that the financial crisis would not get worse and cause greater destruction of jobs nationwide — which was his real goal –and how the country ended up making a profit on that money, too.

Then I think of how the media (except for the Times, thankfully) has fawned over Trump’s tiny little deal with Carrier, in which many jobs are still leaving while Carrier executives will most certainly not suffer at all (what an understatement).

Obama saved the country and the world. Trump has only enabled another one of his false tweets.

Clyde Wynant

is a trusted commenter Pittsburgh 13 hours ago

The beauty of this, from the Trump administration’s standpoint, is that the details you layout will be entirely lost on “the base.” They will sip beers and applaud their leader for “giving it to the man.” They can’t be bothered with details like tax breaks and loopholes and tariffs and such. And Trump and his people know this. They realize, perhaps more than any group of leaders before them, that you CAN fool “most of the people, most of the time.” “

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