Trump’s Chaos Theory: A Single Tweet Causes Jobs To Return – by Steven Rattner- The New York Times

“Donald J. Trump spent much of his campaign peddling hope to beleaguered working-class Americans that, on his watch, those old-fashioned, good-paying manufacturing jobs would come back to America.

On Thursday, the president-elect was in Indiana to celebrate the news that the Carrier Corporation will move only 1,300 jobs to Mexico, not 2,100 as planned. That’s not bringing jobs back to the United States; they are just leaving more slowly.

Source: Trump’s Chaos Theory: A Single Tweet Causes Jobs To Return – The New York Times

Here is a good comment:
Jennifer Stewart NY 8 hours ago

“I see news anchors punting the “art of the deal” as underpinning this latest stunt. But as Tony Schwartz, the author of that book tweeted, “I wrote the Art of the Deal. Trump read it.” And he has exposed Trump for a complete fraud.

Conspicuously absent from all the news are the terms of this deal for the workers. How long are they protected, what will their wages be, and what about the guys who have lost their jobs? How can a president-elect decide who will keep their jobs and who won’t?

I’m outraged, as I always am, at every con this despicable man pulls. And frustrated beyond description at how he can feed poison to his followers and tell them it’s nectar and they’ll believe him. This isn’t a deal for the workers, it’s one for Carrier. Essentially all Trump has done here is tell all corporations that they can blackmail him.”

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