Stoking Tensions With China – The New York Times

“For the foreseeable future, no relationship is more vital to international stability than that between the United States and China. Yet Donald Trump and the Chinese authorities have foolishly introduced dangerous new uncertainties into the equation.

China resolved a potential crisis on Tuesday by returning an underwater research drone that it had seized on Dec. 15 from a United States Navy ship in international waters near the Philippines. Still, the episode stoked fresh tensions and gave Mr. Trump an excuse to double down on his campaign promise to adopt a tougher and less predictable line toward Beijing.”

Here are two  good, top recommended comments:


Delaware December 23, 2016

Is it any wonder why Putin and Russia wanted Trump elected? He will be played like a fool by the entire educated world.


the new world December 23, 2016

Trump thinks he’s a brave disrupter & truth-teller when in reality he’s the American Taliban. He despises & holds in contempt the population, believing they’re inferior & wrong, troublesome & not worth consideration. (We hear that in recent statements by spokeman Jason Miller who holds the people in contempt). As we are seeing during this transition to the presidency, Trump’s solution to everything is destroy – like the Taliban overrun a village & immediately begin ruthlessly burning & smashing everything that represents the past including all previous laws & traditions. They concurrently threaten the safety of the population – which Trump is doing destabilizing foreign affairs, terrorizing the populace with vows to throw millions off their health insurance & deport millions more.

Trump’s surrounded himself with a tribe himself. After his fighting with and insulting foreign leaders in the past several weeks – yesterday’s devastating, dangerous idiotic tweet about the nuclear arsenal – we should worry about who is ‘advising’ him & supporting this catastrophic behavior. Steve Bannon -who’s said he wants to destroy our system of government? Or Mike Flynn – who met in Trump Tower with Austria’s Nazi sympathizer Freedom Party – Flynn who’s claimed Islam is equivalent to ‘cancer.’? These 2, Trump’s most influential advisers – are unfit to serve but neither faces Senate confirmation or scrutiny.

Trump’s unfit – as are his advisers.

Wither democracy?

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