A Concerned Citizen’s Plea to America’s Business Leaders – by Tom Friedman – NYT

“. . . And while we’re talking dangerous, why are there record numbers of migrants flooding out of sub-Saharan Africa, the Mideast and Central America, trying to get into Europe and America? Two big reasons are droughts and population explosions. And what do Trump and Bannon propose? Ignoring climate change and halting U.S. government help with family planning in the developing world.”

Tremendous op-ed by Tom Friedman. Comments are also good, but nowhere near as clear as Friedman. Here is one comment I found additive to the Friedman essay.

Look Ahead is a trusted commenter WA 3 hours ago

“The US share of global GDP has fallen from 27% following WWII to 15% in 2016, measured by purchasing power parity. The combined share of Western Europe and the US has dropped from over 50% to under 30%. Demographics will continue the downward trend. The future, especially for US based multinationals, frankly lies in making stuff for the 85%.

You can’t produce goods and services for most of the 85% without accelerating automation, increasing supply chain efficiency or lower wages, in that order.

I know alot of people imagine factories in China to be dark and dismal sweatshops. But some of the most highly automated factories in the world are in, you guessed it, China, because that’s where the capital investment is.

Manufacturing is actually a much smaller part of the economy than retailing and distribution, which is being transformed at lightning speed by on-line shopping and highly efficient supply chains.

Nothing Trump wants to do will change this direction, no walls, no immigrant bans, no for-profit diploma mills funded by taxpayers. And a rising dollar is just growing foreign investment.

Good luck with Trumponomics.”

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