Can President Trump Be Presidential? – The New York Times

“A special strength of American democracy has been the desire of newly elected presidents to unite the public with healing words after the sound and fury of the campaign.

Now comes President-elect Donald Trump. He has won the office and yet has continued his vindictive, disruptive style of politicking. He has run a post-campaign that has corroded the traditional grace period of considerate political transition that the nation needs. The hope of citizens for a better future, for a sense of uplift, has wound up hostage to his impetuous Twitter attacks on individuals, institutions and nations.”

David Lindsay Hamden, CT January 20, 2017

Lovely piece NYT, thank you. Like prayer flags blowing in the wind outside a Buddhist temple in Nepal.
We just watched the Inauguration speech. Worse than expected. He had some great lines, like, “When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.”

But it was embarrassing. He can solve all our problems. No one else deserves any credit for what he inherits. He inherits a disgraceful disaster. This is about as true as his statement that he won by a landslide. If Trump succeeds, it will because the Obama team has set up the country to succeed.

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