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“Is there an existing health insurance system that vindicates this boast? Yes, in a sense: There is Singapore, whose health care system is the marvel of the wealthy world. Singaporeans pay for much of their own care out of their own pockets, and their major insurance program is designed to cover long-term illnesses and prolonged hospitalizations, not routine care. The combination has produced genuinely extraordinary results: The island state has excellent health outcomes while spending, as of 2014, just 5 percent of G.D.P. on health care. (By comparison, a typical Western European country that year spent around 10 percent; the United States spent 17 percent.)”

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1 thought on “Make America Singapore – by Ross Douthat – NYT

  1. brilliant.

    Here is a top comment I liked:

    is a trusted commenter Verona NJ 1 day ago

    America could pick any other country’s health care model and get twice the coverage for half the price, but insatiable, rapacious, misanthropic Greed Over People from the fakest Christian country in the world will always stop American charity, mercy and basic human decency dead in its right-wing political tracks.

    Country & Healthcare as % of GDP

    USA 16.9 %

    Switzerland 11.5
    Japan 11.2
    Germany 11.1
    Sweden 11.1
    France 11.0
    Netherlands 10.8
    Denmark 10.6
    Belgium 10.4
    Austria 10.4
    Canada 10.1
    Norway 9.9
    UK 9.8
    Finland 9.6
    New Zealand 9.4
    Ireland 9.4
    Australia 9.3
    Italy 9.1
    Spain 9.0
    Portugal 8.9
    Iceland 8.8
    Slovenia 8.4
    Greece 8.2
    Chile 7.7
    Israel 7.4
    Korea 7.2
    Hungary 7.0
    Poland 6.3
    Estonia 6.3
    Mexico 5.8
    Latvia 5.6
    Turkey 5.2%

    Apparently, basic health care humanity is just too much to ask for predominantly ‘Christian’ America and the Party of Fake Jesus.

    And, as a bonus, the American model of attaching healthcare insurance around employers is fundamentally anti-business and illogical…more delicious irrationality for the ‘pro-business’ party.

    Most disgraceful of all is the perverted Republican idea that healthcare is a ‘free-market’ animal, completely belied by the lack of price stickers nationwide and complete unpredictability of individual demand.

    As long as the Republican Party continues to preach the cruel lie that America is #1 while maintaining the #1 healthcare rip-off in the world, you can forget civilized healthcare in the United States of the Anti-Christ.

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