Trump’s Imminent Cuba Problem – The New York Times

Soon — maybe as early as Friday — President Donald Trump, with Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, is expected to announce a presidential initiative that will roll back the Obama-era efforts that loosened the 56-year-old United States embargo on Cuba. How far will the president go?

More important than the actual content of the executive changes, though, will be how the United States Congress, businesses and other interested groups react to Mr. Trump’s reversal of policies that, according to Pew Research Center, 75 percent of Americans support.”


Good op-ed. Here is the top comment, which I support:

Civic Samurai

USA 7 hours ago

Trump “wasn’t elected by a small sliver of the Cuban-American population in Florida.” But on Cuba and virtually every other issue, Trump has only championed the interest of his base. Trump has ceased being president of the American people. He is now the leader of a radical faction that represents less than a third of Americans at best. That number will diminish further as the effects of his policies begin to savage his working class supporters.

But politically and psychologically, pandering to his base has become Trump’s survival strategy. Trump knows his position with most Americans has become irredeemable. He has no other choice but to preach to the choir.

Another factor aiding Trump’s demise is his pathological need to destroy Obama’s legacy. Only 17% of Americans now favor the repeal of Obamacare. Obama’s Cuba policy has bi-partisan support and 75% approval. But the thin-skinned Trump will never forgive his humiliation by Obama at the 2011 correspondents dinner. Trump’s hatred for Obama will only accelerate his collapse.

Cuba has privatized the entire hospitality industry Entrepreneurship is flourishing among everyday Cubans. Bed-and-breakfasts, private restaurants, taxi services and artisan shops are putting hard currency into the hands of the Cuban people, not their government. Trump would undo all that out of spite and pettiness. This is the man a minority of voters elected — and one who must be removed from office at the earliest opportunity.


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