In a Cozy Setting at Wimbledon- the Women’s Game Suffers an Indignity – The New York Times

“WIMBLEDON, England — The No. 2 Court at Wimbledon is a fine little stadium: well proportioned and intimate, with a capacity of 4,000.On Monday, it was also the site of a slight to women’s tennis.

Top-seeded Angelique Kerber, a 2016 Wimbledon finalist, and No. 14 seed Garbiñe Muguruza, a 2015 Wimbledon finalist, shrugged it off, took the court for their fourth-round encounter and played one of the best matches of the tournament.”

It goes on and on. Here is an excellent, top comment I fully support:


CO 9 hours ago

I am so tired of this relentless accusation of sexism. The male players are far superior in their abilities. It is good to honor men for their skill. We all honor women for their unique biological abilities. Let us honor and appreciate men as well. This is a professional sport. If the men are more skilled, work longer hours (match-time) and produce more revenue based on demand, which they do, it is a favor, in purely financial terms, that the women are paid equally. It is typical of this type of journalism to take this favor as the rule, and say ‘if there is equal pay, there should be equal scheduling. This is why it is never a good idea to make any accommodation to people who want to force reality to fit their moral stance. By the way, I am a progressive person, which is why this bothers me so much. How can we have a truly strong progressive culture when so many people on the left have abandoned common sense for moral judgement and self-flagellation? This type of article only strengthens reactionary movements on the right. How about some radical common sense?

Yes, and, the depth of the benches of the men and women are very different. The early matches on the women’s side are usually terribly lopsided.

Here is a good comment making the same point with some data:


Tucson 9 hours ago

Would be great if the woman’s draw had the depth that the men’s draw has. As reported by the NYTimes (… ) , Kerber, the #1 women’s seed for this year’s tournament, had an 0-8 record this year versus Top-20 opponents (With her loss in the 4th Round to Garbiñe Muguruza, she drops to 0-9). Serious fans of the sport are aware of these kinds of differences.

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