‘First They Came For …’ – by Charles Blow – NYT

It is no longer sufficient to brand Donald Trump as abnormal, a designation that is surely applicable but that falls significantly short in registering the magnitude of the menace.The standard nomenclature of normal politics must be abandoned. What we are witnessing is nothing less than an assault on the fundamentals of the country itself: on our legacy institutions and our sense of protocol, decency and honesty.In any other circumstance, we might likely write this off as the trite protestations of a man trapped in a toddler’s temperament, full of meltdowns, magical thinking and make believe. But this man’s vindictiveness and mendacity are undergirded by the unequaled power of the American president, and as such he has graduated on the scale of power from toddler to budding tyrant.”

Bravo, excellent op-ed. Continue to Blow-  Charles. I’m so sick and exhausted regarding this president that I do not want to read anymore about Donald Trump, and his slow demolition of our country. And yet,  the great writers find more to say, and better ways to say what we already know. You are a strong member of a strong team. Just this week, Frank Bruni discribed how Trump is stalking Hillary Clinton. Ross Douthat explained why Trump’s turning on Session is proof that Trump is an incompetent idiot. Your not so easy to summarize. Perhaps, we had better stop Trump, before he destroys our democracy. Hitler did it, and it does happen, when enough people refuse to speak up and fight back.

Here is a comment I enjoyed.

Bruce Rozenblit is a trusted commenter Kansas City,MO 4 hours ago

But yet!

In spite of all of Trump’s transgressions, his defiling of the Office of the Presidency, his non stop lies and daily demonstrations of serious mental illness and steadily advancing dementia, millions cling to him as if he we the second coming. Why is that?

1) Because these people want a second coming and chose Trump. He is their deliverer.

2) Because his supporters are now faced with the possibility that they have all been conned, duped and defrauded. As one woman told the press, “I wouldn’t have voted for him if he was an idiot.” She concludes that Trump is therefore not an idiot because she voted for him. In other words, rejecting Trump means she has to reject herself, her own judgement. She can’t do that so she continues to support Trump. His supporters have boxed themselves in.

3) They have been bribed with jobs that will not return. Low and unskilled factory jobs are gone forever. Automation has killed them off. Any new plants that are built must be highly automated to compete in the global markets. This new Foxconn plant that will be built (with the assistance of $3 billion in tax giveaways) may employ several thousand, but many if not most of those jobs will be high tech, skilled and highly skilled.

This is how dictators rise to power. They promise the downtrodden the world, things they cannot deliver. They fall for con and turn a blind eye to the transgressions. Then it’s too late. Ask Jeff Sessions about it.
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