The Sanctimony and Sin of G.O.P. ‘Moderates’ – by Paul Krugman – NYT

“And three senators, including McCain, declared in a press conference Thursday afternoon that they would indeed vote for this “skinny reform” — but only if assured that the House would go into conference rather than simply passing it. That is, they were willing to vote for something they know is terrible policy, as long as they were assured that it wouldn’t actually become law. The dignity of the Senate, 21st-century style.You might ask, why not just vote no and try to come up with actually good policy? Because, as they also know, Republicans don’t have any good policies to offer, so a bum’s rush is the only way they can pass anything. And, until that last-minute vote, McCain, who has demanded a return to “regular order” in the Senate, turns out to be perfectly willing to help the bums get rushed.”


According to this comment by Socrates, John McCain redeemed himself at the end.


is a trusted commenter Verona NJ 8 hours ago

Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
Susan Collins of Maine
John McCain of Arizona

Three moderates from three corners of America went out and prevented an American healthcare massacre.

They deserve our thanks and applause.

As for the 49 Republican Senators who voted blindly for a healthcare insurance massacre of the American people, I hope the truth gets out to all Americans that they were actively trying to hurt, maim and kill their fellow countrymen, women and children through healthcare abandonment and they are forever shamed and shunned for their immorality, sadism and lack of basic humanity.

America’s healthcare system is an international disgrace and the greatest healthcare rip-off in the world…. and they proposed to fix it by destroying the ACA and replacing it with tax cuts for the rich ?

What is it like to have no conscience, no humanity and no human decency ?

What is it like to vote for your fellow Americans to ‘drop dead’ ?

What is it like to sponsor a GOP Death Panel for the poor, the sick and the injured ?

Only in America – only in Republistan and in the morally sick and twisted Trumpland created by Republican ignorance, greed and cruelty – did they proudly trying to kill their own citizens.

The Make America Sick Again campaign is a failure, thanks to three moderate Republicans, but what about those 49 sickos who voted for it ?

Eternal shame and damnation is forever theirs.

And eternal thanks to President Obama and the Democrats for Making America Great Again.

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