The Axis of Climate Evil – by Paul Krugman – NYT

” “It’s Not Your Imagination: Summers Are Getting Hotter.” So read a recent headline in The Times, highlighting a decade-by-decade statistical analysis by climate expert James Hansen. “Most summers,” the analysis concluded, “are now either hot or extremely hot compared with the mid-20th century.”

So what else is new? At this point the evidence for human-caused global warming just keeps getting more overwhelming, and the plausible scenarios for the future — extreme weather events, rising sea levels, drought, and more — just keep getting scarier.In a rational world urgent action to limit climate change would be the overwhelming policy priority for governments everywhere.

But the U.S. government is, of course, now controlled by a party within which climate denial — rejecting not just scientific evidence but also obvious lived experience, and fiercely opposing any effort to slow the trend — has become a defining marker of tribal identity.”

Here are too comments I particularly liked,
Charley James is a trusted commenter Minneapolis 8 hours ago

The Supreme Court bears some indirect responsibility, as well. Had it ruled rationally in the Citizens United case, the likes of the Koch Bros., Robert Mercer and their plutocrat friends on the wealthy, reactionary right would not have been able to control the Republican Party with their billions of dollars in contributions, PACs and other distorters of democracy.

After all, it’s awkward for any Republican office holder or candidate to take a few million in campaign contributions from those who profit from oil titans who profitably befoul our air and water, and then turn around and clamp regulations on those same people that will protect the planet from the harm they cause.

In the 1960s, William F. Buckley did his party and the nation a great service by purging the extremist John Birchers from the GOP. Sadly, there’s no one left on the right today to conduct a similar putsch and drive the Tea Partiers, the Freedom Caucuses, the Kochs and the Mercers from the ranks of the party. As a result, we are saddled with one political party made up almost entirely of know-nothings, reality deniers and anti-science galoots.

What may be even sadder is that there are people who vote for Republicans.

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Larry Eisenberg is a trusted commenter Medford, MA. 10 hours ago

You’re in an operating room,
A Surgeon with a Rump
Approaches you, scalpel in hand,
The Surgeon’s Donald Trump.

A nightmare that with any luck
Uncertain to take place
But now with Climate Change, alas,
Disaster, face to face.

We know the man’s an idiot
Dumbest kid in his class
And he’s the man that’s now in charge
Of destruction, en masse.

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