Charlottesville- ISIS and Us – by Thomas Friedman – NYT

“AL UDEID, Qatar — I’ve been on the road since the Charlottesville killing. I am traveling around the Arab world and Afghanistan with the chief of the U.S. Air Force, Gen. David Goldfein; his civilian boss, the Air Force secretary, Heather Wilson; and their aides. We’re currently at the giant Al Udeid Air Base, from which America’s entire ISIS-Syria-Iraq-Afghanistan air war is run.

With all the news from Charlottesville, I was feeling in the wrong place at the wrong time. And then I looked around me here, and the connection with Charlottesville became obvious. Just one glance at our traveling party and the crews at this base and you realize immediately why we are the most powerful country in the world.It’s not because we own F-22s. And it surely isn’t that we embrace white supremacy. It’s because we embrace pluralism. It’s because we can still make out of many, one.

I am a pluralism supremacist.”

Excellent op-ed. It is not clear that we have a clean mission in the middle east that is worth the cost in blood and treasure. The comments are good. Here is one I liked a lot.


is a trusted commenter Verona NJ 5 hours ago

One of the greatest contributors in tearing apart the Middle East is Saudi Arabian Wahhabism, the puritanical perversion of Islam that made suicidal martyrdom fashionable.

That same Wahhabism brought down the World Trade Center in 2001, which then resulted in Bush-Cheney’s Iraq massacre of the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia and their exported Wahhabism and fossil fuels are the primary culprits of Middle East misery and global destruction.

On a slightly smaller scale, America’s Whites R Us Wahhabism and their Greed Oil Petroleum shepherds march in spiritual lockstep with their puritanical, power-mongering, suicidal brothers in Saudi Arabia as they sow dissension, chaos and racial superiority in the United States and try their consistent Confederate best to tear the nation apart in the name of White Spite.

America’s White Wahhabists and Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabists are two peas in a destructive pod flushing the world down their puritanical toilets.

Modern minds must defeat the medieval minds who consistently create their own religious ‘end times’ and hell on Earth for the rest of us.

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