We Don’t Deny Harvey- So Why Deny Climate Change? – by NIcholas Kristof – NYT

“Imagine that after the 9/11 attacks, the conversation had been limited to the tragedy in Lower Manhattan, the heroism of rescuers and the high heels of the visiting first lady — without addressing the risks of future terrorism.

That’s how we have viewed Hurricane Harvey in Houston, as a gripping human drama but without adequate discussion of how climate change increases risks of such cataclysms. We can’t have an intelligent conversation about Harvey without also discussing climate change.

That’s awkward for a president who has tweeted climate change skepticism more than 100 times, even suggesting that climate change is a Chinese hoax, and who has announced he will pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord. Scott Pruitt, President Trump’s head of the Environmental Protection Agency, says it’s “misplaced” to talk about Harvey and climate change.

Really? To me, avoiding the topic is like a group of frogs sitting in a beaker, fretting about the growing warmth of the water but neglecting to jump out. Climate scientists are in agreement that there are at least two ways climate change is making hurricanes worse.

Here are the two most recommended comment, which I support:

Mark Jeffery Koch

Mount Laurel, New Jersey 2 days ago

I pray for the people of Texas and hope that no more lives will be lost.

I also hope that the people of Texas stop voting for Senators and Congressmen who deny that global warming and climate change exists. All of Texas’s Republican congressional representatives voted against the Hurricane Sandy relief bill after Sandy decimated the Northeast.

Trump has called global warming a Chinese “hoax” and has erroneously claimed that cutting emissions to avert catastrophic climate change will ruin the US economy.

Trump has rolled back Obama-era policies that aimed to curb climate change and limit environmental pollution, while other executive orders threaten to limit federal funding for science and the environment. His proposed budget will cut funding for the Environmental Protection Agency by 35%, more than any other agency.

He has gutted the Clean Power Plan, which was intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the nation’s electric plants and signed an executive order to remove the requirement that federal officials consider the impact of climate change when making decisions.

Who would you rather have as President during an environmental disaster or preventing one from happening? Obama or the fraud currently occupying the White House?

The people of Texas will get thru this disaster. It will take time but they will rebuild their homes, businesses, houses of worship, and their lives.

The question is, can America survive Trump?

NYT Pick


is a trusted commenter Boston 1 day ago

Ignoring reality is what we do. It’s so much more convenient to pretend everything is just fine.

And then the bleeding obvious surprises us when it can no longer be rationalized. It doesn’t help that our most highly placed government leaders have a vested interest in ignoring reality. Getting the coal vote was apparently more important than reducing fossil fuel emissions.

This is especially true when the president is so reality-challenged and obstinately perverse that he’d look at the sun during the eclipse, even after the experts said not to. Experts! Bah! What do they know?

Maybe the experts should tell him not to stick his finger in an electric socket. Or play with dynamite.

We may have reached a tipping point with the climate, when ice caps melt and more sunlight heats more of the ocean, in a vicious spiral that soon overwhelms our ability to respond. It’s small comfort that the people who voted for a climate-change-denying ignoramus will suffer along with us. But I have to shamefully admit that it is a comfort, however fleeting and small.

When the day finally comes when we can’t do anything about the torrential rain and the rising water, there will be no fashionable heels high enough to protect us, and no news fake enough to deny the grim reality.

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