Trump’s Sellout of American Heritage – by Timothy Egan – NYT

“We can count on this seasonal miracle, healthy fish returning to their birthplaces and then on to the dinner table, so long as the fragile balance of nature remains intact. But with a president who is going after clean air, clean water and the world’s most valuable wild salmon fishery, the fate of creation and all the myriad wonders within it is at stake.

I use “creation” as an appeal to creationists to look at what your president is doing to Eden, or what’s left of it. I also want to appeal to economic nationalists. For the U.S.A. has the greatest home for sockeye salmon on the planet in Alaska’s Bristol Bay. The Trump administration is putting it at risk in order to aid a foreign mining conglomerate.

This American carnage is led by a man whose job is to protect the natural world within our borders, the E.P.A. administrator, Scott Pruitt. As you may have heard, he has sealed himself off from the public with a $25,000 phone security system and an 18-member security detail. It took a court order to pry loose some of the details of his meetings. No surprise, he holds daily lap-dog sessions with the companies he is supposed to regulate.

Pruitt is the swamp, the only wetland the Trump administration wants to protect. He serves the oil, chemical and mining interests that propped him up when he was attorney general of Oklahoma. He now runs the oil, chemical and mining protection agency out of Washington, with our money. You would never guess that this toady in a suit works for us.”


Excellent op-ed piece, and comments after it, such as:


Troy, Ohio 1 day ago

Folks, it’s time to get out the pictures of America in the late 60s and early 70s when smog ruled LA and the Cuyahoga River in Ohio was on fire. This pre-EPA world is where we are headed. If you have asthma or other breathing issues you will be more at risk in this world. Have you seen the film of Puerto Ricans without safe water who are drinking what they can get from streams–and getting sick and dying from it? Welcome to Trump-Pruitt post EPA American. No clean air or water–but plenty of profits for the corporations who can ante up the bribes to the Trump Administration.

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