New Facebook App for Children Ignites Debate Among Families – The New York Times


“SAN FRANCISCO — Few big technology companies have dared to create online products for boys and girls ages 13 and under.

But on Monday, Facebook introduced an app, called Messenger Kids, that is targeted at that age group and asks parents to give their approval so children can message, add filters and doodle on photos they send to one another. It is a bet that the app can introduce a new generation of users to the Silicon Valley giant’s ever-expanding social media universe.

In doing so, Facebook immediately reignited a furious debate about how young is too young for children to use mobile apps and how parents should deal with the steady creep of technology into family life, especially as some fight to reduce the amount of time their sons and daughters spend in front of screens. On one side are parents like Matt Quirion of Washington, who said Facebook’s snaking its way into his children’s lives at an early age would most likely do more harm than good.”

David Lindsay Jr.

Hamden, CT 

This is sick, and I couldn’t even read it all. Scanned, it doesn’t cover lots of new studies showing that social media is hurting our young people, causing alientation and depression. Frank Bruni wrote a brilliant piece on loneliness being an epidemic for college freshman. Facebook Friends won’t bring you dinner when your sick. A commentor to Bruni, a professor, wrote he felt sorry for his college students, all standing outside his class room every day, staring at their phones, unable or uninterested in interacting with each other. We remember when young people had more skills to interact with others. David blogs at, and

via New Facebook App for Children Ignites Debate Among Families – The New York Times

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