Death Toll Is at 17 and Could Rise in Shooting – The New York Times

PARKLAND, Fla. — A heavily armed young man barged into his former high school about an hour northwest of Miami on Wednesday, opening fire on terrified students and teachers and leaving a death toll of 17 that could rise even higher, the authorities said.

Students huddled in horror in their classrooms, with some of them training their cellphones on the carnage, capturing sprawled bodies, screams and gunfire that began with a few shots and then continued with more and more. The dead included students and adults, some of whom were shot outside the school and others inside the sprawling three-story building.

The gunman, armed with a semiautomatic AR-15 rifle, was identified as Nikolas Cruz, a 19-year-old who had been expelled from the school, the authorities said. He began his shooting rampage outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in this suburban neighborhood shortly before dismissal time around 2:40 p.m. He then made his way inside and proceeded down hallways he knew well, firing at students and teachers who were scurrying for cover, the authorities said.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” one student yelled over and over in one video circulating on social media, as more than 40 gunshots boomed in the background.

via Death Toll Is at 17 and Could Rise in Shooting – The New York Times

There are excellent comments after this NYT piece. Here is one I chose to repond to.


St Louis 16 hours ago

If Sandy Hook didn’t lead to gun control reform, nothing will.

David Lindsay Jr.

Hamden, CT 

Dear Katherine, I hope and believe that you are wrong, that nothing can be done about creating sensible gun control in the US. We have to oppose in elections the politicians who are well paid water carriers for the NRA, and the gun industry they choose to represent. This year, 2018, there will be a major mid-term election in November, and it is a good year to identify political action organizations or political candidates that will bring about sensible gun control.

In parts of the world where there has been strong gun control for a long time, these mass shootings are extremely rare. That would be most of the rest of the world. The United States is an outlier, in having a gun violence epidemic.

Here is an important story. “In 1996, Australia Enacted Strict Gun Laws. It Hasn’t Had a Mass Shooting Since.” by Will Oremus, The political effort I refer to will cost us some time and money, but we owe it to the innocent casualties of these cruel and unnecessary mass shooting, to fight this fight, no matter how long it takes. I pledge $100. to this cause, for this election. But if all you can afford is $5.00, or just to make phone calls, it is time for the public to rise up, and insist on a “well regulated” militia.


David Lindsay Jr. is the author of “The Tay Son Rebellion, Historical Fiction of Eighteenth-century Vietnam,” and blogs at and

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