Speaker Paul Ryan Will Not Seek Re-election in November – The New York Times

After all the bromides, the underlying facts come out.

“Back in his Southeastern Wisconsin district, Mr. Ryan was facing a spirited challenge from two Democrats, Randy Bryce, better known by his Twitter handle, “Iron Stache,” and a schoolteacher, Cathy Myers. On his right flank, an avowed anti-Semite, Paul Nehlen, was making another run at the Republican nomination — and earning a national following among white supremacists.

Mr. Ryan is by far the most prominent figure fleeing Congress in a long season of Republican retirements. More than 40 House Republicans are leaving the chamber to retire or seek other offices, including a number who have voiced concern about the 2018 elections and intense dissatisfaction with the state of Washington under Mr. Trump. Several others have resigned in personal scandals.The exodus has further endangered Republicans’ already tenuous hold on Congress, creating open seats in states like New Jersey and California that Republicans will struggle to hold. Republicans acknowledged on Wednesday morning that Mr. Ryan’s seat will be far more vulnerable without the speaker on the ballot.”

The plot thickens. Here are the lead comments at the NYT. I too, am not fond of this hypocrite and stooge of the oil and gas oligarchs.

Socrates is a trusted commenter Downtown Verona. NJ 1 hour ago
One of the worst venal public ‘servants’ in United States history.

Pledged allegiance to teenage fantasy hero Ayn Rand and handed out Atlas Shrugged as required reading to all staff members before publicly repudiating Ayn Rand in 2012 when his love for her was publicly revealed.

Pushed hard to eradicate universal healthcare.

Pushed hard for millionaire-billionaire-corporate welfare.

Pretends to be a ‘Catholic’ while cheerleading for the shredding of Social Security, Medicare and the ACA.

I’m not religious, but there’s a special place in Catholic hell for these type of shameless hypocrites and misanthropes.

Good riddance to one of America’s worst Americans.

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Matthew Carnicelli is a trusted commenter Brooklyn, NY 1 hour ago
The lead rat flees the sinking ship.

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John Harlem 1 hour ago
He retires at 48 with full pension and healthcare. We work until 84 with crumbs.

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Suzanne Victor Southampton, PA 1 hour ago
Does not want to be around when the disastrous results of this tax plan come home to roost in the next few years.

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