Opinion | A Grotesque Spectacle in Jerusalem – by Michelle Goldberg – NYT

On Monday, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner and other leading lights of the Trumpist right gathered in Israel to celebrate the relocation of the American Embassy to Jerusalem, a gesture widely seen as a slap in the face to Palestinians who envision East Jerusalem as their future capital.

The event was grotesque. It was a consummation of the cynical alliance between hawkish Jews and Zionist evangelicals who believe that the return of Jews to Israel will usher in the apocalypse and the return of Christ, after which Jews who don’t convert will burn forever.

via Opinion | A Grotesque Spectacle in Jerusalem – The New York Times

David Lindsay Jr.
David Lindsay Jr.
Hamden, CT | Pending Approval
An excellent and thoughtful op-ed by Michelle Goldberg. I must try to correct Ms. Goldberg on one minor point where you wrote: “The juxtaposition of images of dead and wounded Palestinians and Ivanka Trump smiling in Jerusalem like a Zionist Marie Antoinette tell us a lot about America’s relationship to Israel right now. It has never been closer, but within that closeness there are seeds of potential estrangement.” Marie Antoinette was not a monster, as the fake news revolutionaries of the time portrayed her. According to the historian Antonia Frasier, in her lengthy biography, Marie Antoinette, the Journey, Marie Antoinette was in reality closer to a saint than a monster. For example, she was deeply criticized, for regularly giving away much of her official stipend to hospitals and orphanages. As the Austrian princess in the French court, who became Queen, she was the easy target of hate-mongers and revolutionary propagandists. She makes a cameo appearance in my novel on Vietnam. David Lindsay Jr. is the author of “The Tay Son Rebellion, Historical Fiction of Eighteenth-century Vietnam,” and blogs at TheTaySonRebellion.com and InconvenientNewsWorldwide.wordpress.com

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