Opinion | Well Played- Madam Speaker – By David Leonhardt – The New York Times

The Democrats are getting the balance between investigatory zeal and caution just right so far.

By David Leonhardt
Opinion Columnist, March 5, 2019

“Nancy Pelosi is very good at her job.

By now, that doesn’t qualify as news, I realize. But the last few days have brought more evidence of Pelosi’s effectiveness as her party’s leader in the House.

The House Democratic caucus is investigating the many Trump scandals with just the right mix of zeal and caution. After Michael Cohen’s testimony last week, the Democrats yesterday released a list of people from whom they are seeking documents. The requests suggest that the Democrats will pursue every important way that President Trump may have broken the law and otherwise violated his oath of office.

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But House Democrats — or at least the party leaders and committee chairs who set policy, like Jerry Nadler of the Judiciary Committee — are making sure not to jump to a formal impeachment process at this point. It’s too early. It would be destined to fail in the Senate, given Trump’s strong support among Republicans. And the start of impeachment would shift attention away from Trump’s misdeeds and toward the process itself.

The smart move instead is to keep the focus on what Trump, his aides and his family have done. “Political investigations tend to be marathons rather than sprints, requiring the slow, meticulous accretion of evidential layers,” Michelle Cottle writes in The Times.”

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