Opinion | Warren Versus the Petty Plutocrats – By Paul Krugman – The New York Times


Opinion Columnist

CreditCreditTravis Dove for The New York Times

“Remember when pundits used to argue that Elizabeth Warren wasn’t likable enough to be president? It was always a lazy take, with a strong element of sexism. And it looks ridiculous now, watching Warren on the campaign trail. Never mind whether she’s someone you’d like to have a beer with, she’s definitely someone thousands of people want to take selfies with.

But there are some people who really, really dislike Warren: the ultrawealthy, especially on Wall Street. They dislike her so much that some longtime Democratic donors are reportedly considering throwing their backing behind Donald Trump, corruption, collusion and all, if Warren is the Democratic presidential nominee.

And Warren’s success is a serious possibility, because Warren’s steady rise has made her a real contender, maybe even the front-runner: While she still trails Joe Biden a bit in the polls, betting markets currently give her a roughly 50 percent chance of securing the nomination.

But why does Warren inspire a level of hatred and fear among the very wealthy that I don’t think we’ve seen directed at a presidential candidate since the days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt?”

DL: Read the rest, it gets better. Elizabeth Warren is amazing. I still support Joe Biden, because I expect he will be better at winning the electoral college than any of his exellent rivals. I must confess, that the comments after the Krugman praises, got me recommending statements about supporting her presidency, which I do, but not yet, in 2020, unless the polls show that she is the stonger candidate in the deep red states and the purple swing states. The electoral college will be won, unfortunately, in the red states.

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