‘I Gave the Other Guy a Shot’ – By Trip Gabriel – The New York Times

“ERIE, Pa. — Mark Graham, a real estate appraiser in this faded manufacturing hub, sat with friends at a gym named FitnessU on the morning after the Democratic debate in mid-September. He had voted for Barack Obama, but in 2016 he took a gamble on Donald Trump. Although he called the president’s conduct in office “a joke,” he was unwilling to commit to voting Democratic in 2020, unconvinced by the 10 party hopefuls the night before.

Jump ahead to October and Democrats in Congress are investigating evidence of President Trump’s possible abuse of power. Mr. Graham has had an electoral conversion.

“Things have changed in the last couple weeks: More stupidity has come out,’’ Mr. Graham, 69, said in a telephone interview last week. He hopes Democrats nominate former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., but he is not particular. “I’d vote for the Democratic nominee no matter who it is at this point,” he said. “If Mr. Trump gets into another four years, where he’s a lame duck, it’s going to be like adding gasoline to the fire.”

Heading into 2020, there is intense focus among campaign strategists on the weakest element of the Trump coalition: the millions of voters who disapproved of both major candidates in 2016 but took a chance on Mr. Trump. Whether an impeachment inquiry moves Obama-Trump voters like Mr. Graham off the fence, one way or the other, is a major narrative arc in the 2020 script that is rapidly unfolding and updating.”

David Lindsay: The article reports that 6.7 million voters supported Obama, then Trump. They made up 5% of the total vote, and they alone allowed Trump to win. One commentator said that the article shows they were mostly sexist men (and women), which might be an accurate summary. Which leads to my insistence that our nominee to knock off Trump has to be a centrist male, which suggests strongly Joe Biden, or Buttigieg, or Booker.

Here is a comment I chose to respond to:


He’s “a really conservative family guy,” who sent four children to Catholic schools. He voted for Trump. Might again. I don’t understand how people can compartmentalize their values like this.

David Lindsay Jr.
Hamden, CT | NYT response to comment:
I sypathize with your confusion. My take, is that many in the country really care about closing, or at least controlling, our borders. This is especially a central issue to whites, who vote more regularly than any other race in the country, according to David Leondhart’s reporting.
If the Democrats do not sound convincingly like they want control of illegal immigration, they support Trump on of the key issue that keeps winning for him.
David Lindsay Jr. is the author of “The Tay Son Rebellion” and blogs at InconvenientNews.net.
Here is another important comment.
Ellwood Nonnemacher

I live in an area of Pennsylvania where people voted for Herr Trump, or any other GOP candidate for one reason and one reason only, they are deathly afraid any Democrat will take away their guns. Many of my neighbors disliked Herr Trump and thought he was not capable of doing the job, but they wanted to keep their guns more.

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DL: This sounds unfortunately true. It suggests that the Democrats should soft pedal gun conttrol, and not talk about it much, accept for saying they want to keep guns out of the hands of crazies, with background checks, but allow sane Americans to keep their guns.

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