Opinion | Winners and Losers of the Democratic Debate – The New York Times

Welcome to Opinion’s commentary for the Dec. 19 Democratic presidential candidate debate in Los Angeles. In this special feature, Times Opinion writers rank the candidates on a scale of 1 to 10: 1 means the candidate probably didn’t belong on the stage and should probably drop out; 10 means it’s on, President Trump. Here’s what our columnists and contributors thought about the debate.

Read what our columnists and contributors thought of the November debate.

Amy Klobuchar7.1/10Average score


David Lindsay:

The best debate so far last night, and I really enjoy reading this Times summary of pundits weighing in. I agreed mostly with the votes of Nicholas Kristof, for which I am pleased and proud. I thought Andrew Yang won the opening, and Amy Klobushar came in second. I screamed soon after, why is the  background of the stage moving! News Hour sliding across the background, and Politico– what nonesense. On fracking job loss, Joe Biden was terrific and on climate change. Buttigieg was brilliant on China, so was Styer! And Biden, I hope he does move 60% of our Navy to the South China Sea. That will protect our allies in the Pacific. Yang kept up, warning us to keep up in AI and tech. Bernie started the downward slide, wanting to protect all 11 million illegal immigrants here. The others piled on. I felt the Dem lose the election to Trump over that one issue, that so many Americans care about. The Dems don’t get it. Most Americans don’t want illegals to ever go to the front of the line. No one talked about Japan, and protected guest workers. If the Dems run on protecting all illlegal immigrants, they will lose the election as well as the planet.

Hopefully, the moderates will prevail. I am satified with my current choices, supporting Biden with Buttigieg as his VP. Klobushar is deserving, but Hillary showed that too many mid westerners don’t want a woman as president. Liz and Bernie would get trounced in the electoral college.

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