Opinion | Trump Weakens the Nation’s Clean Water Efforts – By Chris Wood, Collin O’Mara and Dale Hall – The New York Times

By Chris WoodCollin O’Mara and 

Mr. Wood is president of Trout Unlimited, Mr. O’Mara is president of the National Wildlife Federation and Mr. Hall was director the United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Credit…Charlie Riedel/Associated Press

“The Environmental Protection Agency made a startling admission last month when it announced that many of the nation’s streams and wetlands would no longer be protected under the Clean Water Act, perhaps the nation’s most successful antipollution law.

The agency said it could not predict how many miles of streams and acres of wetlands would lose their protection because of “existing data and mapping limitations.”

In other words, the E.P.A. was sharply narrowing the reach of a landmark environmental law without understanding the consequences of its actions.

This is flat wrong on every level. We do know the consequences. And we can say unequivocally that this ill-informed policy will reduce water protections to a level not seen in more than a generation.”

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