Opinion | Watching ‘Hillary’ in the Wake of Elizabeth Warren’s Exit – By Jill Filipovic – The New York Times


Contributing Opinion Writer

Credit…Josh Haner/The New York Times

“At the very end of “Hillary,” an intimate and revealing four-part Hulu documentary series that tracks Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, Mandy Grunwald, the campaign’s communications adviser, sums up Mrs. Clinton’s career: “As long as she has been in public life there have been these ups and downs. ‘Be our champion, go away.’ ‘Be our path-breaker, go away.’”

Mrs. Clinton may be the woman at whom Americans have most regularly hurled these whiplash-inducing demands, but she is far from the only one who was told she had to mold herself into what the public (or a boss, or a partner, or a parent) said they wanted, only to wind up rejected and scorned for her efforts. In the wake of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s exit from the presidential race — the last of several smart, qualified Democratic women with any reasonable chance of clinching the 2020 nomination — “Hillary” feels both raw and resonant. It’s an unusually authentic portrayal of someone so often accused of being inauthentic.

And yet before she even says it onscreen, the tenor of Ms. Grunwald’s comment reverberates through the series, indicting all of us and suggesting we may have learned all the wrong lessons from 2016.

As “Hillary” thoroughly documents, the voting public demanded Mrs. Clinton conform, and then complained about her insincerity when she did. She spent decades tarred as a radical feminist, her attempt (and Republican-induced failure) to establish universal health care taken as a demonstration that she was far too left-wing. After some time spent licking her wounds and performing the role of the party-hosting agreeable first lady, she set about creating the groundbreaking Children’s Health Insurance Program. By the time the center-left caught up with her two decades later, she was cast as an establishment moderate.”

David Lindsay Jr.
Hamden, CT | NYT Comment:
I enjoyed this fine oe-ed by Jill Filipovic, while respectfully disagreeing somewhere. I was and remain an unrequited Hillary Clinton fan. I separate from the new hand wringing about Elizatbeth Warren for two reasons. First, for a dozen reasons, we lost with Hillary Clinton, who was one of the most prepared and talented people to ever run for president. So, with Trump so dangerous, and the existential threat of climate change hanging over those of us who study the science in horror, this is absolutely not the year to take a chance on another female candidate for president.
The second reason is trivial compared with this main reason, but it is that Warren moved so far left, she appeared out of step with the majority of American voters. As David Leonhardt writes brilliantly in today’s NYT, she prefered being right all the time rather than winning. Even if Warren had move to the center, I would not have supported her in 2020, because we can not affford to lose the next election, due to global warming.

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