Opinion | Fourteen Days. That’s the Most Time We Have to Defeat Coronavirus. – By Ezekiel J. Emanuel – The New York Times


Dr. Emanuel is vice provost of global initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania.

Credit…Carlo Allegri/Reuters

“America is losing the war against Covid-19, but we can win it with decisive and extraordinary actions now.

Health experts have not been overreacting. Models from Imperial College London and others suggest that up to 2.2 million Americans could die within a year without sufficient efforts to “flatten the curve.”

At the same time, it is right to worry about how Covid-19 will wreck the economy. Projections already suggest that the American economy could contract by more than 15 percent in the second quarter and that the unemployment rate could surpass 20 percent.

But the economy cannot be fixed without solving the pandemic. Only after the virus is contained can we reopen restaurants, bars, gyms and stores; allow people to travel, attend conferences and visit museums; and persuade them to buy cars and houses.”

The lack of masks, gowns and ventilators endangers both patients and health care workers, and stymies the nation’s ability to respond to the crisis.

We need a national manufacturing director to assess and allocate national supplies and ramp up production and distribution of what is needed. After ordering all hospitals to conduct an inventory of their needs, the director could prioritize the shipment of supplies to the ones that need them most.”

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