Opinion | Does Joe Biden’s Running Mate Really Have to Be a Woman? – By Elizabeth Drew – The New York Times

The various factions in the Democratic Party should step back and let the presumptive nominee decide with whom he wants to campaign and govern.


Ms. Drew is a journalist based in Washington.

Credit…Stephen Crowley/The New York Times

“Earlier and more insistently than at any time in recent memory, Democratic Party leaders and factions are pressuring the party’s likely nominee, Joe Biden, to hew to their agendas through his choice as running mate. This is a singularly bad idea.

Mr. Biden’s primary campaign platform was progressive compared with recent Democratic nominees, but arrayed against one further to the left. The putative nominee isn’t obliged to adopt the programs backed by his vanquished rivals, yet a degree of compromise might be in order to broaden support for the ticket.

Mr. Biden has yielded some to Senator Bernie Sanders on health care, but Mr. Biden continues to feel pressure from forces to his left to adopt their more ambitious plans, as well as to choose a vice-presidential nominee to their liking.”

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